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Novotek delivers operation, digitisation and information solutions for the production and distribution of energy. We are located in facilities for the production and distribution of electricity, microgrids, district heating, district cooling, wind power, hydropower and other renewables. Novotek has been supplying this sector since the late 1980s. In heat distribution, we have, among other things, offered a very competitive HMI / SCADA solution.

In recent years, we have developed solutions to facilitate the new EU directives on emissions trading, which have been introduced to reduce CO2 emissions. Here we have developed a solution to achieve full compliance with the directives, including data collection and reporting.

We have also created solutions for data collection and real-time reporting from large DCS / PLC systems. We have in several cases done this with our OPC servers, such as ABB Masterbus300, which communicates with ABB DCS systems such as MP200, AC410 and AC450.


Proficy iFIX is one of the most common HMI / SCADA operator systems for power and energy.

Important features required by a modern HMI / SCADA operator system include flexibility, security and fast communication. Proficy iFIX can communicate with PLC, DCS systems, analysis equipment via Ethernet, RS232 / RS422 / RS458 and various bus control systems. In the energy industry, DCS and PLC systems from many different suppliers are often used. Therefore, data with secure and redundant OPC communication is transferred to, among other things, PLCs and DCS systems. The OPC communication platforms come with many communication drivers. It is also possible to monitor the communication network’s various switches, routers and more via the communication driver from the operator system. With this solution you have full control over all parts of your system: DCS. PLCs, switches, routers, communication drivers, HMI / SCADA, Historian and reporting systems.

The HMI / SCADA system Proficy iFIX communicates with ABB 800xA, Siemens 7, Emerson and many other players in power and energy. Proficy iFIX is supplied by GE Digital.



In energy systems, it is very important that the operator system has high availability. Therefore, Proficy iFIX has extensive redundancy features. 

Alarm Handling

Alarm handling

The operator system comes with advanced alarm handling from both central and remote facilities. Alarms are collected, stored and presented in the operator system’s alarm overview. Alarms can be grouped into different categories, with different priorities based on how critical the alarm is. When an alarm occurs, you can send out an alarm alert via smartphone or email. The alarm can be acknowledged via the Smartdirect app. Signals in the operator system can be controlled from the mobile. 

For a better alarm overview, there is an alarm analysis module that can be integrated into the operator system’s process images. Here you can sort and filter alarms by priority and more. You can easily see how many times a signal has been in alarm mode, and how long it has lasted during a selected time period. It is also possible to block certain alarms or different alarm groups, to ensure that only real alarms are presented to the operator. 

Storage of history and analysis of process data

Proficy iFIX logs all process data such as flow, levels, pressure, temperatures, energy consumption, O2, NOX, start and stop of pumps and many other parameters in the historian database Proficy Historian.

All alarms are stored in the alarm and event database, and all data is stored in raw format with tag name, date, time and value. When the information is retrieved later, you can easily choose whether you want to see raw data, min, max, medium or other type of refined data. Proficy Historian has the ability to redundant communication and redundant historian services to ensure you never lose data. Data is buffered locally in the event of a network failure and is then automatically transferred to the server during restored network traffic (“store and forward”). To minimise network traffic, data is filtered and compressed locally before being forwarded to the central server. In the operator system, the signals can be displayed in many different ways, both as trend curves and as historical data links in the process images.

If you choose to log all your process parameters, you can, if necessary, use a built-in function in the operator system called “Playback” to be able to play back what it looked like in the process images at a given earlier time. Everything to be able to easily analyse any special situation where, for example, you had problems in the facility.

Proficy iFIX has a very adaptable trend tool where you can see different trend curves wet in real time and historically. You can also post a comment for a specific trend curve at a specific time, – all to increase the level of information. The trend curves can, among other things, have several time scales and different colors to present the information to the operators in the right way. You can also connect the trend tool with the alarm tool to see the connections between trend curves and alarms in an easy way.


With Novotek’s software Report Plus, you get a powerful reporting tool where you can easily create reports based on different templates. A big advantage is that you can use the same report goal in different periods, such as day, week, month, quarter and annual report. This means that with a report you can get reports for each time interval. This also facilitates ongoing maintenance of the various reports in the system. There are a number of ready-made report templates that make it easy to get started with energy and environmental reporting.

Technical overview
With a powerful data layer NRP can handle automatic reporting from Proficy Historian but also from any type of SQL database, like MES and LIMS. The data layer can easily aggregate continuous process data into either time based data (hour, day, week etc) or event based records like batches. The data layer towards Historian also includes a powerful data correction interface that enables the user to correct raw data with auditing. The data layer towards Proficy Historian also extends the calculation modes to now also include full support for meters, production counters, consumptions, running time and transition counter.

The NRP report creation is fast and flexible. The system ships with several standard reports that easily can be configured to match your needs. This maximises the ROI for the investment. The data can be presented in any way you want including tables, graphs, gauges etc.

The NRP client used for report navigation is a true web based client that can be run in a web browser on your PC, but also on your mobile device like Android or IOS based devices. The reporting client have full support for drill down capabilities but also export of the data to Excel and other popular formats.

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