Digital journey

Start your digital journey where you connect your manufacturing devices with other machines, processes and people. As you adapt your business and operations, your data infrastructure can deliver new applications as you need them.

No matter if you push data to the cloud or within the plant, security aspects are essential and need to be designed into the solutions from the start. 

As the connectivity becomes more unsupervised, it is crucial to have the connect layer also to take care of quality, validity and preparation which is defined as a data operations (DataOps) strategy managing the entire data lifecycle across IT and OT layers, breaking silos between applications.

With our agile DataOps approach to designing, implementing and maintaining a distributed data architecture, we help you to ensure that your entire organization’s data can be used in the most flexible, effective manner possible to achieve positive business outcomes for your production.

Current Highlights
Introduction to industrial data

Introduction to data management


Start your industrial digital transformation journey with developing an effective, future-proof industrial data strategy.

Read our guide to improve your connectivity and data practices, from field-level collection to effective analysis.

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The End of Silos

The End of Silos

How industrial connectivity,
new IIoT technologies and digital processes are taking collaboration and innovation to new levels.

Read about Connected Machines, Efficient Communications, Smarter Operations.

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Connecting your systems to the edge


Learn about connecting your business systems to the production equipment to improve execution. You will also see the importance of data modeling and contextualization while modernizing system architecture with Kepware’s KEPServerEX and HighByte Intelligence Hub.

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