HMI / SCADA is a well-known concept in automation and industrial production. The solution came on the market in the 1960s, and is part of the industrial digitalization, known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Novotek has been a supplier of HMI / SCADA solutions since our start-up in 1986. 

HMI / SCADA is an automation solution for monitoring, control and management. Operators in production companies depend on a good overview of machines and equipment. The system allows operators to monitor, control and visualize all aspects of operations. At a glance, operators know what are important and appropriate measures to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

How is HMI / SCADA used?

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a term for systems that collect data, control and monitor. SCADA is often used to monitor large areas, such as entire facilities. HMI (Human Machine Interface), is part of the SCADA solution, and the term for the user interface between machine and human. In practice, this involves a screen that allows the operator to monitor and control machines and systems.

Together, HMI / SCADA is a software-based control system architecture. The solution provides operators with a graphical user interface, where network data can be used to monitor performance, change settings and issue process commands.

Data is collected from RTUs, PLCs and other control units such as flow meters and temperature controllers. This allows the operator to see what is happening in real time, as well as detect trends and alarms. This data information can be used in decisions about settings and control adjustments to optimize production.

The system can be integrated with other solutions, such as a “Data Historian” for historical trend and analysis.

A solution for all industries

HMI / SCADA is an automation solution that suits all types of industries and production companies. We have been providing these solutions for 35 years: Every day, our solutions monitor and control thousands of products and facilities.

Automation and digitalisation have provided great opportunities for industry in recent decades. But the development does not stop here. In collaboration with GE Digital, we deliver the next generation HMI: Even more flexible, mobile and innovative. Read more about High Performance HMI.

A-solutions from GE Digital, a world-leading player in systems adapted to automation and digitization.

We deliver solutions adapted to different types of production companies. See all our HMI / SCADA solutions below.

Our HMI / SCADA solutions

The most complete HMI / SCADA solution on the market.

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Proficy Cimplicity

Powerful client / server-based solution, ideal for piece production.

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Proficy Batch Execution

Functional automation solution specially developed for batch production.

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Proficy Operations Hub

Combine HMI / SCADA with Proficy Operations Hub for better visualization.

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Novotek Report Plus

Get accurate reports in real time with this Proficy iFIX reporting tool.

High Performance HMI

HMI in a modern interface specially developed for operators.