In today’s facilities, various robots, equipment, control programs, engines, programming languages, file formats and software applications must be able to communicate optimally. Versiondog from Auvesy provides version control that holds together an increasingly complex world of computer-controlled automation processes.

Versiondog is referred to by different names depending on the industry: Configuration Management, Configuration Control, Version Control, Change Control, Change Management, version control and version control. Regardless of the name, the solution has the same task – to keep track of software associated with automation.

Automatic Backups

Automatic backup and “SmartCompare”

Versiondog’s most important features are how program code and data configuration are linked and compared. In Versiondog, there are links to most types of PLCs, HMI / SCADA and other operating systems, so you do not need special software from the various vendors. With a client / server-based solution, everything is stored in a central server.

Backup restore and compare

Backup, recovery and comparison

Clients, systems and equipment are connected to the server for automatic backup, recovery and comparison. With the links, you can retrieve the information you need from the equipment and compare it with other data or a version you have already saved. The comparison features, called “SmartCompare”, are unique to Versiondog.

Flexible solution

Flexible solution with full traceability

Versiondog documents program code, configuration files and documents you need control over, and always has an overview of what is the latest program version on system and equipment. You choose how often backups and checks should be done, and whether you want to be notified of changes. You control who will have an overview and access to make changes to the systems. The solution provides complete traceability.


  • Automatic backup of versions.
  • Client / server-based solution stores everything in one central server.
  • Use “SmartCompare” to compare data or system versions. 
  • Be notified of changes. 
  • Full audit trail / traceability: See what changes have been made when, by whom and why. 
  • Supports most types of control systems such as PLCs and HMI / SCADA, as well as a number of robots, CNC machines and other equipment. 
  • ISO9001 certified.
  • Easy to install, configure and use. 

Technical specifications

“SmartCompare” comes in two versions for four main groups:

  • PLS / Soft PLC / CNC including SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC S7, CoDeSys, Beckhoff TwinCAT, Phoenix PC WORX, RSLogix, Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, B&R, Bosch Indraworks. 
  • HMI / SCADA including SIMANTIC PCS7, WinCC. WinCC Flexible, Siemens TIA Portal, GE iFIX, Wonderware, InTouch, Wonderware ArchestrA, ABB, Copa Data Zenon Schneider Electric Citect. 
  • Field devices / drives / robots including Siemens, SEW, Lenze. Leutze, Datalogic, Tightening system controllers. Kistler *, ABB, KUKA, Motoman, Mitsubishi *. Kawasaki *, FANUC *, Adept, Stäubli. 
  • Files / documents / PC images including Word, Excel, ASCII, INI. CSV, XML, PDF files, EPLAN * / AutoCAD, EXE, DLL, Image Files (Acronis, Ghost, Drive Snapshot etc.)

Compatible with international standards and requirements for quality management

Versiondog is a perfect base for quality management according to ISO 900X, GAMP, GMP, FDA 21, VDA 6.4, ISQM-Guide or DIN EN50128. All project data is stored in all previous versions with complete comments on a central server. The automatically generated historical logbook / “Audit Trail” is available at all times. 

With versiondog you get (Siemens PLC used as an example):

  • Automatic backup of Simatic S7 and S5.
  • Version control on Simatic S7 and S5 projects. 
  • Storage of Simatic S7 and S5 projects.

Market-leading version control in automation

Versiondog came on the market in 2007. Since its release, Versiondog has been installed at thousands of companies in more than thirty countries, and is the most widely used system for version control of automation solutions . Siemens recommends Versiondog for its systems and equipment.

Versiondog is easy to install, configure and use. Auvesy focuses on quality, and Versiondog is continuously developed with new links and functions. Our consultants help you find the right way to implement the solution in your company.