Proficy Operations Hub

Rapid visualisation of operational data for oversight, coordination and continuous improvement

Production challenges don’t wait on IT. Getting to the root of a thorny problem, or identifying the conditions that lead to a smooth run isn’t always rocket science. Sometimes it just takes putting information from different sources into the right views for the right people. Proficy Operations Hub from GE Digital is designed to do just that. Providing a visualisation toolkit with simple connectors to common data types, Operations Hub lets you combine and present information the way your different team members need to see it.

Low-code, flexible displays

Operations Hub is designed to make it easy to reach into your existing systems – databases, Historians, connectivity software and the like – and to quickly deliver visualisation that makes it easy to start with a high-level view and then dig into details. Its flexible display technology lets you build a set of screens once, and have them display cleanly on whatever system or devices your users have. So the information you need is at hand when they’re at their desks, at the farthest corner of the site, or working remotely. A library of standard graphics objects lets you quickly build common styles of display, but you also have the freedom to deploy 3rd party or custom elements.

Putting structure around raw machine data

One of the challenges in making information useful to a broad range of users is ensuring that the data’s context  isn’t lost between where it’s generated and where its used. Operations Hub provides a modelling environment that lets you define your company and asset structures in general terms – and then map source data from solutions like Historian to those structures. So users can build reports and search on data using normal descriptive terms or categories, rather than having to b familiar with each specific data source in detail. And that model can be used to drive access to underlying applications in an ad-hoc manner (using the Excel Add-in for Historian, for example), as well as in fully deployed Operations Hub apps.

A home for web-delivered content across the GE Proficy Suite

Already and iFIX or CIMPLICITY user, and evaluating the new Web HMI? Or a user of an older Historian, considering an upgrade to the latest version? Operations Hub is at the heart of GE’s web-enablement of it’s whole suite. Aside from its native data access and development abilities, Operations Hub serves as a general container for web-based content. So as GE offers more web-ready solutions, Operations Hub will be the single environment you need to manage.

A fully modern platform to wrap around your data

Operations Hub is based on the latest visualisation, integration and security technologies, providing a future-proof bridge between your operations systems and the different users accessing the information. Core technologies include:

  • Content delivery: HTML5 and CSS
  • Security: Active Directory support; UAA
  • Data access/exchange: MQTT, REST,
  • Scalability: Docker-based architectures available


Proficy Operations Hub Datasheet

What's New: Proficy Operations Hub 2.0