Proficy iFIX

Every day, hundreds of Novotek's customers' processes and plants are monitored and controlled by HMI SCADA systems built on Proficy iFIX.

Improve your operators' effectiveness

With over 30 years experience delivering HMI/SCADA solutions, GE's recent releases have focused not only on keeping the core technology up to date, but also on making sure that iFIX helps your operators by making insights and issues faster to spot. This means you can tap into our efficient HMI design guidance for ideas on screen layout, colour selection, use of animations and more. And by incorporating supplemental solutions like Historian Essentials and Win911, the latest releases of iFIX make it easier than ever to stay on top of events as they unfold, while collecting the data needed to fine tune equipment and processes.

Efficient HMI

iFIX puts you in control of your applications:

A straightforward development environment makes it easy for your teams or your contractors to get connected to your equipment and quickly build the mix of operational and engineering views you need. And whether you're building for a single node, a supervisory environment, or even an embedded-type application for remote assets, your teams will be working in the same environment. With thousands of installations around the world, iFIX is the solution of choice for many industrial companies, engineering and integration companies and equipment builders, so you'll be able to find the skills and support you need.

Being easy to work with doesn't mean a compromise on core capabilities. To help you get the full range of capabilities you want for running, monitoring and analysing your equipment and processes, iFIX provides you with:

» A highly scalable client/server architecture and flexible I/O counts that let you build solutions from the machine to the plant level

» Efficient HMI object library and design guidelines, so you can deliver the most effective user environments

» Proficy Historian Essentials included with your iFIX server, so you can quickly add powerful, flexible data logging to your SCADA solutions » Integration to other powerful Proficy products like Batch Execution, Plant Applications, CSense, Operations Hub and more.

» Advanced options like SCADA Synchronisation for redundancy, e-signature for highly regulated environments and Security Synchroniser for integration with your Active Directory user and security setup

» A range of client options from traditional thick clients, to WebSpace, Terminal Services and Web HMI for centralised management and rapid deployment


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