Automate manual workflows

Transition over to an automated environment to gain better traceability, less waste and no hustle. 

Automate manual workflows

Digitalisation and automation of processes in all types of industires have been going on for the past 30 years and now the technology is ready to take on semi or fully manual processes.

The result is less faults with missed steps, no lost documentation and reduced cost for training and support.

Read below about the possibilities and flexibility in a Workflow system. 

Direct gains with digitalisation of manual process steps. 

There are a number of ways to implement a Workflow system that generates improvements for you as a user of a HMI/SCADA system. The direct is the fact that it generates less mistakes and missed tests. To this should the streamlining of processes and work procedures be added and with that the reduction cost of training and support. The last aspect is that, which is easily overseen, a Workflow system makes it substantial easier to implement changes and new routines since that doesn't require any update of documentation at the lines.

Simple and visual way to build workflows.

Each flow is described by one or more Workflows that is built graphically and can be coupled together, ran in parallell or switch between. It is simple to interact with the users but also control systems and signals from other systems. Everything to make it possible to gather quality data that is gathered both manually and automatically and then validate those.

Fixed panels or mobile, it is up to you

All users can choose on their own which client that suits them; If it shall be a large wall mounted panel or your own mobile, it is all possible and simple. It is possible to integrated into your existing iFIX systems, to make it easier to work with integrated eSOP. 


Model of the plant.

As a support for building the workflow you have a model of everything in the factory and the products you are producing. This model describe how things are connected and how affect each other. This makes it easier to build structured flows. The model based on the ISA95 standard that have been developed by the industry to describe processes and plant architectures.

Role based security

In todays complex production environment is it important to show the right persons the right information and secure that only the right people have the rights to change things. To facilitate this have our Workflow systemthe possbilitity to set rights on any object, flow or view. This to make it flexible and simple and on top of this the users and credentials can be coupled to your normal system for authentication.  


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