To work mobile,
thin or via the web with iFIX

Even if you have iFIX should you be able to work modern and via client or platform of your choice. This without leaving the safe platform you have in iFIX. You have a number of options available depending on your requirements.


Existing or new pictures

Depending on you want to work with existing pictures or brand new webenabled you choose one of the opitions. The alternatives are the following; iFIX TS, iFIX Webspace and the latest in the family WebHMI. Each have its strong sides but behind is your HMI/SCADA platform completely unchanged. 

iFIX TS (Terminal server)

The alternative to use Terminal Server give you a thin feeling but completely integrated in the Windows environment. This works best when you work within your own network and want the same feeling as on your ordinary work stations. Both Microsoft Terminal server and Citrix are supported. 

iFIX Webspace

iFIX Webspace gives a thin experience with the same pictures as you have in your operator stations but without the use of RDP and in the browser of you chioce. It can be used anywhere also outside of your network. However, the use of your common images may be difficult to reproduce in a good way on smaller devices. The resolution to this is to make special pictures for smaller mobile devices. 


The latest addition to the family where you build a new web experince on top of your solid iFIX network. The latest web technology, completely based on HTML5, gives you a modern and fresh experince with all the latest princples for visualisation and alarm handling. 


Product Sheet - iFIX 6.1 (EN)

Driving decision support for operators with high-performance visualization.


Brochure  - iFIX Enabling the Smart Operator (EN)

Expect more from your HMI/SCADA. It should anticipate your operators’ needs, delivering the precise information they need quickly and intuitively.


Product sheet - Webspace 6.0 (EN)

Advanced control and production execution over iPad, Android and a Web browser.