Build Better Industrial IoT
Solutions with ThingWorx

Use the ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform to create and deploy your IoT solutions–faster and better.


Unlocking the Potential of Industrial IoT


An IoT strategy is necessary to survive and thrive in industrial markets. IoT has proven to be the most effective way to generate revenue, increase efficiencies and minimize risk. Selecting the right IoT platform is a crucial first step.

ThingWorx delivers a single, purpose-built industrial IoT platform. Industrial market-leaders are using ThingWorx to develop feature-rich industrial IoT applications. With ThingWorx, you can rapidly explore, prove and master the value of smart, connected operations and products, even if your organization is new to IoT. 

Build Better IoT Solutions with ThingWorx:


Speed time-to-insight using model-driven application design to create, test and deploy industrial IoT applications faster than ever 


Simplify development processes by seamlessly connecting disparate devices and data sources with minimal integration effort  

Meet varying business needs with scalability that accommodates the smallest deployments on the edge to enterprise-scale


Extend applications to tailor applications for various needs

Explore the Capabilities of the ThingWorx Platform


ThingWorx Delivers Proven Connectivity for the Industrial IoT:  


Access industrial IoT and application data from on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications and hybrid environments for ultimate flexibility.
Distribute real-time edge computing capabilities eliminate issues with latency, cost, and security
Deliver scalable, secure, authenticated and encrypted communications across network topologies
Receive a library of over 150 protocols adapters to access real-time data from industrial equipment


Manage IoT Assets Better with ThingWorx:


Increase asset uptime and enhance user experience by managing connected products and processes via a simple, intuitive user interface.
Reduce service costs by creating IoT-enabled workflows that trigger alerts and actions for automated business processes.
Protect IoT investments by securely distributing bulk updates and upgrades to connected devices.
Accelerate your business by customizing pre-defined IoT application components and extending solutions.

 Gain Powerful IoT Insights with ThingWorx Analytics: 


Operationalize insights, predictions and recommendations across enterprise functions with automated IoT data to enhance decision-making
Replay functionality enables analysis of historical data and supports forensic investigation of data after an incident
Turn raw industrial IoT data into proactive insights through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for non-data experts
Detect anomalies in real-time through Edge analytics, minimizing time to resolution 



Vuforia Studio Delivers Market-Leading AR Capabilities to Industrial IoT:


Transform digital and physical product data into actionable information through rich, dynamic experiences
Create experiences in minutes with an easy-to-use “drag and drop” interface to achieve fast, timely insights
Simplify access to AR experiences using a single, universal AR viewer application with any uniquely identified object
Deliver more complete experiences by adding real-time industrial IoT data and analytics, 3D content, CAD data and other 3rd party data


ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity Product Brief

ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity connects disparate automation devices to the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform, making it easy for enterprises to quickly derive the benefits of the Internet of Things.



ThingWorx Analytics Product Brief

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving a massive increase in data as billions of new devices are connected every year. Each device generates potentially millions of new data points daily – unprecedented in both volume and pace. For the growing number of enterprises implementing smart, connected strategies and solutions, this data holds invaluable insights.


Vuforia Studio Product Brief

Vuforia Studio provides industrial companies with the tools to quickly create and widely deliver AR content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge transfer and improves profitability.