Power and Energy

Novotek delivers operation, digitisation and information solutions for the production and distribution of energy.

Food and beverage

Advanced automation and production management solutions from Novotek mean you can tap into hidden potential in your operations.

Assembly and Discrete Manufacturing

A wide area that includes all discrete production processes ranging from automotive to plastic sub-parts and electronics.

Life Sciences

Novotek has provided solutions for all major companies in this segment including Pfizer, Astrazeneca, Merck, Johnson&Johnson and Novo Nordisk.

Water and Wastewater

We’ve completed solutions in all areas of the water treatment process. We also have extensive experience in radio networks for water treatment plants.

Petroleum, Gas and Chemicals

Our range of solutions can help – covering upstream and midstream operations from the wellhead through pipeline and tank farm management.

Metals and Mining

We are present in this field in all steel producing counties within our geographical area. Customers include TATA Steel and British Steel

Machine Building / OEM

Novotek helps Machine Builders / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) create competitive advantage by product differentiation.


We deliver digitalisation solutions. Our systems control and monitor tunnels, bridges, traffic monitoring, subways and railways.