Advanced automation and production management solutions from Novotek mean you can tap into hidden potential in your operations. Join the list of brand owners, and material suppliers who have:

  • Recovered over 15% of their packaging capacity
  • Reduced changeover times by 20% or more
  • Improved material usage by over 2 percentage points
  • Reduced inventories by up to 30%

Our solutions deliver the capabilities you need – from line-side SCADA systems that help operators and supervisors keep production humming, to efficiency analysis (OEE), track-and-trace and quality systems needed to minimise losses and protect your brand with proof of food quality and safety. Customers around the world have supported their operational excellence journeys with Proficy – find out what gains they’ve made and how they achieved them!

Download our Food for thought Whitepaper our approach to operational excellence lays out a staged way of addressing different areas of opportunity – from process visualisation and batch execution through efficiency analysis and quality management. Each stage offers its own payback, while laying a foundation to tackle additional needs. 

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