Optimise - Implement industrial analytics

Once you have connected and have models of your processes as well as right data from them, you can start to identify productivity pockets and optimise all aspects of the operation. 

Whether it relates to one machine in a Machine Learning application or a complete material flow in a scheduling solution, the basic methodology is the same when applying analytics to the relevant data.

Using all types of Analytics including AI and ML, you can build new strategies for your Production scheduling, find the right Predictive maintenance model or build a whole fleet of Digital Twins. 

Current Highlights
Skjern Paper uses AI to improve Product Quality and Reduce Waste

Skjern paper


With the goal to achieve high-quality control in the production process, Skjern Paper turned to Novotek and GE Digital’s Proficy CSense, an industrial advanced analytics software package that can predict future asset and process performance.

Operators quickly understood the tools in order to gain immediate value and benefit from real-time AI optimisation.

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Real Time KPI Visibility and Dashboards for Proficy MES Users

KPI Visibility & Dashboards

Achieve Centralized, Remote and Mobile Operations.

Learn about the out-of-the-box content for Proficy Plant Applications users in Proficy Operations Hub. In less than five minutes, see how you can configure a “OEE” page. Get the right information where and when you need it.

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Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics Guidebook for Engineers

Machine Learning and Analytics Guidebook

Today, staying competitive means progressing on a digital transformation journey, including machine learning and predictive analytics. Not only can industrial organizations capitalize on the IoT opportunity, optimize operations and generate greater profitability, but engaging in the latest technologies also helps to attract and retain the best talent.

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