Patch Management

Up-to-date systems offer peace of mind. Novotek can help ensure your operation stays updated and protected against wide ranging threats from operational inefficiency to cyber-security vulnerability through a fully managed patching service.

The Patch Management service offered by Novotek Solutions is provided by a team of experts and is tailored to your needs with flexible options in service level and frequency. Regular reviews of available patches and comparisons with production systems enable our team to determine which should be applied and when deployment is appropriate.

When critical patches become available, especially with respect to security vulnerabilities, our team will review, test and deploy to ensure proper protections and functionality for your critical systems.

A patching partnership covers every element of keeping your software up to date

Security, oversight and optimal performance

Our fully-managed service ensures systems and applications remain up to date. Instead, when critical systems become outdated bad actors can exploit vulnerabilities in a cyber-security attack. Extended downtime, data loss and ransom demands can result from successful attacks.

Our expert team complete the patching process from beginning to end, including testing to ensure seamless deployment.

Why adopt Patch Management?

In fast-moving industries it can be tempting to keep to what’s working. However, when discussing patching, waiting for an issue to arise can mean waiting too long.

  • 80% of companies who had a data breach or a failed audit could have prevented it with improved patching and update regimes
  • 46% of companies took longer than 10 days to remedy the situation following a breach or failed audit
  • 58% of organisations run on legacy systems which no longer supported with patches

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Outcomes at a glance

  • Reassurance that systems are working at their optimum level
  • Mitigate cyber-security threats
  • Frequent review of systems and threats
  • Compatibility testing to reduce or eliminate downtime
  • Rollback plan to restore previous system states
  • System backup to provide additional confidence

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