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Proficy CSense makes powerful multivariate analysis methods accessible to industrial users of all types. Its powerful data preparation, review and machine-learning-driven modelling capabilities are delivered by a wizard-based user environment. So you don’t need to have advanced maths or programming skills to develop new insights into your assets and processes. And with a powerful runtime engine that can connect to your real-time data streams, CSense lets you deploy your predictive models quickly, so your data experiments can become real-world results.

Speed and Flexibility Offer Unique Value

Being able to easily incorporate all of the data sources that might hold part of the answer you’re looking for means you don’t prematurely narrow your investigations and miss important insights. And when you can conduct initial explorations of the data underpinning an improvement opportunity in a matter of hours, it means you can evaluate several scenarios where other tools and approaches might restrict you. Ultimately that means a more complete understanding of your improvement or risk mitigation opportunity – and a clearer view of how to capitalise on that insight.

Proficy csENSE

Using CSense for Process Troubleshooting

In this webinar, Solutions Architect Chris Wilson illustrates the range of data exploration and real time analytics deployment possible with CSense


A broad range of industries and applications

CSense has been deployed in sectors as diverse as mining and metals processing, water/wastewater, food & beverage processing and more. The types of applications deployed include energy optimisation, quality variance analysis, event cause analysis and process setpoint optimisation. Whatever your challenge, it’s likely CSense can be applied to help you resolve it!

Core Functionality

  • Offline data exploration platform with wizard-based interface to guide data preparation, modeling, knowledge extraction and benefit analysis
  • Extensive connectivity to different data sources
  • Native Proficy Historian data sink
  • Incorporate logic blocks from external tools such at MatLab and Python; deploy ONNX-compliant blocks directly into CSense blueprints
  • Runtime engine to deploy analytics in streaming mode 
  • Real-time analytic outputs writeable to a range of outputs, including OPC for integration with asset/process control systems
  • PID loop tuning tools
  • Supports batch, continuous process and discrete event troubleshooting/modelling
Use Proficy CSense With
Proficy Historian

For a fast start extracting insight from machine data, connect CSense to your Historian. Quickly identify hidden relationships between different variables, and explore how to keep things in balance

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Incorporate the results of your streaming analytics into your operators’ familiar working environment. Deliver “smart” alarms, or even recommend setpoint changes in the easiest place for operators to take action.

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Proficy Plant Applications

With information on everything from raw material quality, to process performance, downtime and waste events, Plant Applications can provide CSense with a wealth of raw data from which to extract fresh insights.

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