Proficy CSense from GE Digital usesAI og Machine Learning to help process engineers combine data between industrial data sources. You can quickly identify problems, detect rotor causes, predict future performance, improve quality and increase productivity.

Mockup: GE Digital Proficy CSense på PC og nettbrett.

The powerful analysis tool Proficy CSense

Proficy CSense has helped companies around the world achieve increased business value by transforming raw data into valuable information. Production engineers and process engineers can analyze, monitor, predict, simulate and optimize their production.

With Proficy CSense you can control control loops in real time. In addition, you can use Proficy CSense to obtain valuable information by analyzing historical data, which in turn is used to develop, test, analyze and optimize solutions that reduce the variation in process parameters.

Mockup: Proficy CSense Troubleshooter.

Identify performance variations

Use Proficy CSense Troubleshooter and gain insights from sensor and production data. Connect, visualize and predict analyzes to see operating scenarios, see what effect operational changes will have on performance measurements and identify performance variations.

Develop analytical solutions and use a digital twin

With Proficy CSense Architect, the user gets a comprehensive platform for developing, integrating, testing and distributing analysis solutions in real time. A solution that improves production throughput, yield, quality and efficiency by significant margins.

You can also easily create twins for digital processes to achieve smarter production. Let a digital twin monitor physical production in real time.

Mockup: GE Digital Proficy CSense, Architect og Process Twin


  • Use AI and Machine Learning to combine data from different industrial data sources.
  • Access to both real-time data and historical data with built-in support for data quality and easy validation of data in real time.
  • A comprehensive platform for developing, integrating, testing and deploying real-time analytics solutions with Proficy CSense Architect: Identify problems, detect causal relationships, and predict future performance quickly and easily.
  • Troubleshoot process performance with Proficy CSense Troubleshooter.
  • Save templates via Proficy CSense Action Objects Manager.
  • Create digital twins for smarter production.
  • User-friendly access with “drag-and-drop” functionality and graphical user interface.
  • Python, Matlab and. Third-party net content can be integrated.
Mockup: GE Digital Proficy CSense Action Object Manager

A user-friendly Industry 4.0 solution

Proficy CSense is developed for optimal user-friendly “drag-and-drop” functionality and graphical interface, and reduces the need for data scientists and programmers. The user has access to analytical solution templates without programming: simple calculations, prepared data, real-time optimization and advanced process control. With Action Objects Manager, solutions can be saved as templates and reused for easy distribution to similar process units.

Proficy CSense is provided by GE Digital, a world-leading player in systems adapted to industrial production and digitization.

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