HighByte Intelligence Hub is the first industrial DataOps solution created specifically for OT and automation teams. The solution is built to be able to model and retrieve data that is already on the factory floor, and enables production companies to connect, model and distribute industrial data in a secure way. The data can be sent to both internal and cloud-based systems without writing or updating code.

Intelliegence Hub

With HighByte Intelligence Hub, raw data is transformed into complex and useful information, which is then contextualised and shared with the applications that require it. The result is optimal data flow for productions that are around the clock.

Built for handling industrial data

The HighByte Intelligence Hub has been developed based on the unique features of industrial data. The software connects devices and applications via open standards and built-in connections. The user interface makes it possible to model data streams in real time, normalise and standardise data associated with different machines and add context to data models that lack descriptions. Industry data can be contextualized by adding metadata, standardising data attributes, and normalising units of measure. 

Designed for scaling

The modeling of tens of thousands of data points from PLCs and machine controllers is simplified and accelerated. Reusable models are used to transform raw data into complex, useful information. This means that contextualised and correlated information can be delivered efficiently to the applications that require it.

Perfect for production companies

The software is designed for OT and automation teams and an ideal solution for production companies. The platform is run locally on Edge, scaling data from embedded servers to the data processing platform. Complex data can be shared on Egde to improve the usability of data and reduce the transfer volume.

Code-free user interface

Open standard and built-in connections eliminate the need for specially coded integrations. Easily configure and manage multiple connections and inputs / outputs completely without writing or updating code.



Create links and send data from inputs to outputs without writing or keeping code. HighByte Intelligence Hub’s connection system gives you access to a system where you can retrieve data from, among other things, PLCs, control units and SCADA systems. Combine data with your contextual ERP system and store data in the cloud. HighByte Intelligence Hub can retrieve data via OPC and MQTT and can connect to both REST and SQL servers.



The HighByte Intelligence Hubs data model forms the basis for standardisation and normalisation of data over a wide range of raw data. The computer model has different attributes that give you a standard for machines, resources, systems, processes, products and roles. This makes it more efficient to retrieve and use data from different machines and equipment. Data can be scaled and with created data models, data from different equipment can be merged.



Control the flow of industrial data to different applications. Some systems require continuous, consistent data flow, while other cases have the advantage of only sending data at special events. With HighByte Intelligence Hub Flows, data flow is controlled exactly according to your business needs. The data flow can be triggered by time intervals, data changes or events.


  • The first industrial DataOps solution developed for OT and automation teams.
  • Edge native: Retrieve and model data on the factory floor.
  • Drive on your choice of hardware platform, including single board computers, industrial switches, IoT gateways and industrial data servers.
  • Connects devices and applications via open standards and built-in connections.
  • Transforms, normalizes and standardizes complex raw data into useful data information with context.
  • Designed for scaling: Simplifies the modeling of tens of thousands of data points and delivers data to the applications that require it. 
  • Ability to send data to both internal systems and cloud-based solutions. 
  • “Store and forward” technology ensures data loss.
  • Code-free user interface.

Be at the forefront of Industry 4.0 with the HighByte Intelligence Hub

HighByte Intelligence Hub is a new and future-oriented solution from HighByte. The founders behind the company are the same behind Kepware, the world-leading supplier of the OPC solution KEPServerEX . With many years of experience in developing systems in industrial production behind it, HighByte Intelligence Hub has been developed to solve the challenges that production companies will face in the coming years.

With the DataOps solution HighByte Intelligence Hub, you get a tool that allows you to be at the forefront of Industry 4.0. Our consultants will help you find the right way to implement the solution in your company.