Today’s industry requires high – performance technology that can handle all types of production environments and powerful applications. We are suppliers of various types of industrial computers from Emerson. Emerson’s RXi portfolio comes with a wide range of robust computers, designed to work efficiently in harsh industrial environments. COM Express modules and modular computers and monitors help you optimize processes and machines. Read more about Industrial PCs on the Emerson website here.

Choose between industrial PC, industrial monitor, panel PC and industrial web panels – we at Novotek will help you find the product that suits your production company. 

Industrial PC

Industrial PC

An industrial PC must be able to deliver constant performance while machines with powerful applications run at high temperatures. Emerson’s IPC combines high processing power with industrial strength and is designed for durability. Dual or quad-core process technology, fanless design and shock-resistant components extend the life cycle of the industrial PC.

Emerson’s industrial computers come with high-performance computers for applications that need to load, process, and store large amounts of data and can run HMI, History, and analytics applications. High-speed Ethernet ports provide a powerful communication feature, while new USB 3.0 ports provide fast data transfer and improved security. Easy integration with other systems facilitates increased productivity.

Industrial screen

Industrial Monitor

Emerson delivers robust, modular touch screens, designed for use in demanding industrial environments. Industrial screens combine user-friendliness for drivers with durability at the industrial level. The screens are modular and can be connected without breaking to simplify the data processing architecture.

The RXi Industrial Display portfolio offers 7 ”- 24” widescreen industrial screens. 12 “and 15” are also available with a screen that can be read in sunlight. The modular function improves the visual performance, while the connection of the MST series improves the architectural format. The touch screen provides the same ease of use as a smartphone and makes it easier for operators to make both faster and smarter decisions.

Industrial screen


Emerson’s PC Portfolio RXi Panel includes flexible, performance-driven computing devices with robust computing power and more memory, and handles a wide range of applications. The panel PC is delivered in a very thin cabinet, adapted to the location in the plant or factory. The computers are modular and can be adapted to your needs.

The Panel PC is designed to work faster and “tilt” while you are increasingly connected to data. With a dual-core 1.0 GHz processor, quad-core 1.2 GHz processor with 4 or 8 GB DDR3 RAM and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB OS installed as standard, the panel PC is ready to meet your software needs.

Industrial screen

Industrial Web HMI Panel

Emerson’s industrial web panels provide a cost-effective way to display HTML-based web pages from web-based applications, using the features of industrial panels. The web panels are modular and can be interconnected without breaking for better visual clarity. The panel comes with a capacitive touch screen that responds to touch even if personnel are wearing protective equipment.

The RXi Web Panel portfolio offers 7 ”- 24” industrial screens in widescreen format, with SLR screen both indoors and outdoors. The screen is protected from dust, moisture and direct water jets. The web panel handles a wide range of applications and is designed to handle tough industrial environments. RXi web panel combines user-friendliness and industrial sustainability at a very high level.

Other industrial hardware
RX3i CPL410 Controller

RX3i CPL410 Controller provides the foundation for Industrial Internet connectivity. It is a powerful, modular Programmable Automation Controller with a focus on high availability.

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RX3i CPE330 Controller

The CPE330 is programmed and configured over Ethernet via PAC Machine Edition™ (PME) software. It resides in the RX3i main rack and supports all RX3i I/O and Intelligent Option modules, up to 32K I/O points.

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RX3i Profinet Controller

The PNC module provides all the functions, services, and protocols required for certification as a PROFINET IO Version 2.2 device, running at both 100Mbps and 1Gbps. Compatible with IC695, CPU315, CPU320, CPE310 and CPE305.

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