As an authorized distributor for Emerson Machine Automation Solutions we offer a wide range of PLCs and control systems. Choose betweenPAC-systemer, PLSer, I / O and programmeringsverktøy. Emerson’s control systems are powerful and functional, and are adapted to your company.

Today’s applications require faster performance and more reliable connections. A control system must be able to optimize industrial processes safely and reliably, while increasing the performance of operations even in harsh industrial environments. When automating production, it is important to choose a control system that works with the existing infrastructure, and which can be scaled according to the company’s needs.

How to use PLCs and control systems

A control system, also called a control system, controls machines, systems and processes. In industry, logical control systems such as PLC and PAC are most often used. Logic controllers respond to switches and sensors, can start and stop operations and sequence mechanical operations in various applications. An operating system helps operators increase productivity and reduce downtime.

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The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was developed in the 1960s as an improved version of relay-based systems, based on ladder programming. Today, PLC is a natural part of control and management systems, with a wider range of functions. PLCs are delivered in robust, small packages, designed to handle harsh industrial environments, and enable communication with other PLCs, external I / O and HMI.

PACSystems kontroller


PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) came on the market in the early 2000s. A PAC system makes it possible to provide more complex instructions for automation equipment with functions similar to PC-based controllers. The powerful features come in a small, robust package, similar to a PLC. PAC systems are well suited for more complex automation solutions that handle advanced process control and visualization.

The differences between PLC and PAC are not defined, but a PAC system can be seen as a cross between a PC and a PLC. With constant development, both PLC and PAC have become significantly more advanced since they first came on the market, and the differences between them are no longer as numerous. High-performance PLCs come with many of the same features as a PAC system.

Get powerful and scalable control systems from Emerson

Emerson’s programmable automation control systems offer a simple scalable solution for delivering secure and secure communication between real-time controllers. The result is optimized operations, maximum productivity and less downtime.

Emerson’s unique line of combined control and visualization solutions integrates QuickPanel + touch screens for graphics with PLC functionality, and has a built-in web server for information distribution and operation via the Internet.

We offer the full range from compact micro-PLCs to groundbreaking, programmable automation controllers (PACs) – a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your exact needs. Our consultants help you find the solution that suits your company.

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