Having a manual overview and control of all parts of an industrial control system is a difficult task. The systems are constantly growing and changing, leaving adjustments unnoticed. Both undocumented updates and seemingly small changes can have major consequences for how operating systems work. Version control solves these challenges with automatic backup of your automation solutions.

Sometimes you have to look for the latest version of a PLC program or system configuration? Many people find themselves in this situation due to system crashes, when something has been deleted, or due to undocumented changes in parameters and default values.

How does version control work?

With version control, you get a system that automatically backs up your automation solutions and notifies you of unwanted changes. The solution is completely traceable, and documents all incidents and changes with a timestamp and operator. The different versions can then be compared, and you can easily go back to previous versions. In the event of system errors or other problems, version control ensures that your operating system can be quickly restored with the correct settings.

Full traceability makes version control particularly important for companies that are subject to government requirements – such as food, pharmacy and water and sewage. Version control is a scalable solution, works just as well for smaller companies that monitor few systems, for large groups with several factory facilities.

Produce safer and more efficiently

With version control, you will always have access to earlier versions of your operating systems. This allows you to easily compare, revert to previous versions or quickly restore systems in case of errors – all without the help of vendors or system integrators. This ensures more optimal and cost-effective operation, with reduced time spent on downtime and troubleshooting.

Novotek is a supplier of Versiondog fra Auvesy. Versiondog is the market-leading version control in automation, with thousands of customers worldwide. Our consultants will help you find the right way to implement Versiondog in your company.

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Our version control solution

Versiondog provides optimal version control adapted to industrial automation.

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