Designed to overcome the limits of traditional HMI/SCADA technologies

Emerson’s new industrial software platform offers the most innovative and flexible software technology for Window/Linux HMI and IIoT projects, for SCADA supervisory systems, efficient MES analysis solutions that are essential to Industry 4.0.

Movicon.Next delivers a new generation of SCADA system with a modular and easily scalable design to help users improve operations through by optimising the plant and decision-making, identifying issues quickly, and managing production more efficiently.

Written from ground up on intuitive, modern architecture, standards and graphics: XAML, WPF, .NET, C# and HTML5; free from propriety platforms, and with built-in cyber security, Movicon.NExT™ has been designed to overcome the limits of traditional HMI/SCADA technologies.  

Based on modern technological solution innovations, Movicon.NExT™ creates the basis for long-term investment without needing to compromise, giving Automation Engineers easier access to modular solutions for Supervision, HMI, Control, Historian, Plant Analytics and Industrial Analysis.

Movicon.NExT provides a single environment that allows you to do everything from small IoT applications to a full SCADA rollout, to powerful OEE/Energy analysis tools built quickly and easily using built-in wizards.

Movicon.NExT is simple to get started, expandable and flexible. Buy only what you need, and scale up as required.

Movicon Next

The universal software: from SCADA/MES to small HMI Linux-based projects

Movicon.NExT industrial software platform built on .NET, C#, HMTL5 with plug-in technology for openness and expandability, offering incredible openness and integration in manufacturing. Single environment that allows you to do everything from small machine-level SCADA application to a full SCADA rollout, to a tailored IOT application.

Movicon WEB HMI

Movicon WebHMI

Movicon WebHMI – offering powerful HMI visualisation for web and effortless scalability.

As Movicon.NExt without .NET scripting. Very low entry point vs traditional HMI/SCADA platforms. Ideal for OEM needs

Movicon Next


Connext is an OPC UA industrial connectivity server offering wide range of protocols for industries, infrastructures and buildings. It supports advanced features that include Gateway, Historian / Data Loggers, redundancy, OPC UA server and Client IIoT protocols and many more.

A connectivity engine for every data acquisition, deployment and recording need



Pro.Lean is an OEE Module empowering your factory with greater efficiency. Real-time data collection to support your waste reduction and productivity improvement efforts.

By deploying Pro.Lean© you will be able to communicate with any field system or device, collect and record data on database to analyse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and measure Downtimes with the aim to reduce loss and maximise profits. 

As an option, Pro.Lean© also allows you to integrate production line and plant supervision with a quick return on investments. 

Pro Energy


Pro.Energy is an energy management system. It allows you to collect and contol energy usage data to reduce consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Implementing energy management systems is even more important than ever in today’s world to help reach goals to become more efficient and reduce energy consumption that take up a large percentage of company running and building management costs.

Next AR

Next Augmented Reality

Progea has created an app for Microsoft HoloLens based on the Windows 10 operating system.  This app is available for download from the Windows Store for HoloLens and can connect to Movicon.NExT servers to enable HMI with Augmented Reality visualization in 2D.  A version that supports 3D Holographics will soon be released to offer operators system interactivity using the Holographic Augmented Reality techniques.

There is also an app available for Android-based SmartGlass systems such as Google Glass and Moverio BT-300. Both apps will enable wearable devices to display and interact with the Movicon supervision system.

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