Why use a production planning system?

Many companies experience production planning as a challenge, where the planning system stands in the way of providing the customer with the promised service. From a strategic perspective, production planning can be an important factor for the entire business. Being able to give the customer a real delivery time, with updates in case of any changes, is a huge competitive advantage in today’s market.

With the help of a planning system, you have all the information you need easily accessible. You can plan and make changes in real time, detect bottlenecks and prevent resource shortages. The result is reduced downtime in production, and better compliance with delivery times. In addition, various events can be simulated and visualized, so you know the consequences of changes in delivery, lack of materials or urgent orders, – before it happens.

Everything is done via a graphical, user-friendly interface. Visual plans provide better understanding. You get an overview of the production, with the option of fast and flexible planning.

Achieve increased efficiency and profits

A good planning system can affect the entire business. From lower labor costs as a result of reduced overtime, to increased earnings from precise delivery times and rapid adaptability. In addition, less time is spent on planning and re-planning, and the machine capacity is utilized optimally. The result is more efficient and optimized operation.

ROB-EX Scheduler is a system specially developed for production planning. The solution is developed by specialists who know the challenges you face in a busy production, where every decision can have major consequences.

Our consultants help you find the right way to implement a production planning system in your company.

Our production planner
ROB-EX Scheduler

A tool specialized for production planning.

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