Novotek is a provider of various solutions for data collection and reporting solutions. We help you find the solution that suits your company.

With our data logging and reporting solution, you get better insight into the company’s process and production. Make better decisions with quick and easy access to production data based on collected information.

How is data logging and reporting used?

A data logging and reporting system is an important tool for all production companies. Through the system, you get access to useful information about the production, completely automatically. The system retrieves data from PLCs, HMI / SCADA, MES and BI solutions via OPC servers.

With this insight, downtime can be reduced and performance and quality can be increased. By avoiding manual registration, you save time and reduce any human error. The result is optimized and more cost-effective operation.

Novotek datainsamling

Data collection

A process database is designed for the collection, storage and distribution of large amounts of production data. All process data as well as alarms and events from different servers are logged here as history. Our database is scalable and can grow with the company. Redundancy can be achieved for better security around critical data.

We offer the market’s most powerful process database: Proficy Historian,in addition toIndustrial Data Provider which is specially developed for Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Mining.

Novotek rapportering


Reporting gives you quick and easy access to reports based on collected data. Our solution is web-based. You can download updated reports on various data for the selected time period, anytime and anywhere. The solution also supports manual registration.

Our reporting tool,Novotek Report Plus, gives you access to accurate reports in real time.

The key to optimal production

Our data logging and reporting systems are built with components from world-leading players such as GE Digital. The solutions are scalable, and suitable for both small and large productions in all industries. We at Novotek have delivered solutions to Jotun, Tine, Nortura and KIMS, among others.

Our data logging solutions
Proficy Historian

The market’s most powerful process database developed for production data.

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Industrial Data Provider

Make data available for Business Intelligence, Big Data and Data Mining.

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Proficy Operations Hub

Get better visualization of data with Proficy Operations Hub.

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Novotek Report Plus

Get accurate reports in real time with the Novotek Report Plus reporting tool.

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