SCADAFuse sits in front of critical utility endpoints, protecting PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices (pumps, VFDs, valves) from unauthorised use, dangerous instructions and activities, and remote takeover from hostile sources. It features a bypass port pair for data in/out, requires no re-addressing of the network or assets, and is fully self-contained. No remote management console is required for setup or maintenance.


  • SCADAFuse™ offers turnkey protection for PLCs and SCADA/DCS devices
  • Native support for modbus, Ethernet/IP, S7
  • Reports via modbus to HMIs
  • syslog and email alerting
  • Hardware authentication for setup/admin
  • Standard DIN rail enclosure, 24VDC power
  • Easily set up in <1 hour

SCADAFuse is installed on the network connection in between protected assets, such as PLCs and SCADA/DCS endpoint devices, and the workstations and other controllers which interact with them. SCADAFuse uses a standard set of real-time network security controls to ensure the activity touching protected assets is both originating from known sources and comprised of permissible content.

SCADAFuse uses dedicated USB cryptographic keys to restrict access to authorised users for initial setup and configuration, and includes a native bypass capability on its network connections to ensure network traffic is uninterrupted in the unlikely event of a device failure. A single SCADAFuse Premium can protect up to 5 PLCs and authorize up to 30 source devices, across a combination of modbus, Ethernet/IP, and Siemens S7 protocol activity, with more coming soon. Best of all, every SCADAFuse can report alerts natively to a customer’s existing HMI via a built-in modbus slave.