Achieve environmental goals, automate accountability and improve profitability within manufacturing – all at once.

‘Two birds with one stone’ – so goes the well-known phrase. But what if you could get more than two birds for a single throw of a stone? How about many birds? And what if these birds were not just flights of fantasy but offered foundational improvements and real upsides, such as increased profitability and recovered capacity?

Starkly stated sustainability targets such as ‘Net-Zero by 2030’ imply an inherent struggle, and while this may be true in certain arenas, there is a genuine opportunity to achieve environmental goals, automate accountability and improve profitability within manufacturing – all at once.

In this article, we’ll outline exactly how the right capabilities, infused with expertise, can offer a profitable and intelligent pathway to a brighter business and environmental future. Carbon is cash, and reducing your output means retaining capital and growing profitability for the future.

So how is this achieved? Firstly, by fostering a different mindset when conceptualising sustainability measures. Data on utility usage can tell you when you’ve used more or less, but this aggregated data doesn’t have the granularity to explain why. While this is fine for quantifying and reporting on consumption to participate in a carbon exchange, this approach offers no mechanisms to improve these figures. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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