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Proficy for Sustainability Insights – for industrial sustainability

GE Vernova has launched Proficy for Sustainability Insights, a new AI-based software solution designed to simplify the work to achieve manufacturing companies’ sustainability goals, while helping to maximize productivity and profitability. By integrating operational and sustainability data, the artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can help industrial companies use resources more efficiently.

“Continued digitalization is crucial to achieve the industry’s sustainability goals!” Richard Kenedi,
General Manager of GE Vernova’s Proficy Software and Services.

Reduced energy use

As an example, an automotive manufacturer in Europe recently used our Sustainability solution to achieve 18% energy savings on its factory’s heating system. The company sought to leverage its existing SCADA system on the plant floor to optimize heating and cooling in its many energy-intensive production facilities. The improved solution optimized the different setpoints based on outdoor temperatures. In addition, the analysis functions identified a problem in the heating system’s control as well as a problem with valves that were not closing correctly.

One of the software’s key features is its ability to help lower costs by monitoring consumption data for electricity, natural gas, water, and steam. Analytics can continuously detect excess or unnecessary usage, variation, and other discarding. In addition, the solution can help calculate key performance indicators for each production process, product, and plant.

Sustainable production

Proficy for Sustainability Insights helps reduce energy costs by modeling and optimizing poor production. It also detects notifications of previously unknown patterns.

“For a sustainability solution to be effective for industry, it must converge sustainability with operational excellence and digitalization. It also needs to ensure that it is not only energy consumption and raw material resources that are to be optimised, but that the facilities maximise productivity, KPIs and ultimately profitability.”Craig Resnick,
Vice President, ARC Advisory Group.

“Proficy for Sustainability Insights provides this sustainability, operations, and digitalization convergence by combining the proven Proficy software with GE Vernova’s expertise in sustainable manufacturing. This can maximize productivity and profitability while empowering each customer to complete their journey to achieve their sustainability goals.” Resnick adds.

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