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What’s new from GE Vernova? Proficy 2024!

Stay informed with the latest webinar series from GE Vernova!

  • 7 March | Proficy History 2024
  • March 21 | Proficy Operations Hub 2024
  • April 11 | CIMPLICITY 2024
  • April 25 | Proficy CSense 2024
  • 9 May | Recipe Management

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Proficy Historian 2024

OT Data Management from the Plant & Enterprise to Cloud

The most powerful time series database on the market, on the other hand, is slightly better, more scalable and more comfortable to use. The latest version brings security improvements, horizontal scalability, and more advanced cloud connectivity – including Quicksight Q connectivity to AWS and more!


New generation HMI/SCADA for Connected Workers

Tackle your environmental goals with utilities analytics & automation software for sustainable manufacturing.

iFIX 2024 brings up to 80% faster alert processing time, better visualization, and centralized license management.

Proficy Smart Factory | MES 2024

Proficy Plant Applications 2024, Cloud OEE & Cloud MES

GE’s MES solution has achieved a leading position in the comparison of several analytics companies, such as Gartner. Find out what’s new for the globally successful MES solution with the guidance of product leaders. At the very least, the new features bring improvements in scalability, ease of use, and predictive analytics.

Proficy Operations Hub 2024

Enable the Connected Worker with contextual & composable OT visualization

Make production data visible and easy to understand with a web-based visualization platform. The new version adds more analytics capabilities, enables the use of container technology when using AWS, and brings improvements in user comfort and visualization.

📅 21 April 2024

Proficy CSense 2024

New Comprehensive AI/ML enabled Cloud-Based or On-Prem Industrial Analytics

How much tangible value does a 10% performance improvement bring to your business? With Proficy CSense, you can optimize industrial processes by utilizing proven industrial analytics methods.

The new version brings numerous changes and improvements: a new look, it can analyze larger amounts of data and take advantage of a diverse range of data models. The new table types have been designed specifically with AI and machine learning models in mind.

📅 25 April 2024

Recipe Management

Better manage production recipes across their lifecycle and speed product changeovers

Develop, manage, store and remotely download recipes efficiently and centrally.

📅 9 May 2024

Previous Webinars for Proficy 2024 – On Demand!

Smart Energy, Water & Waste Management

Utilities Analytics & Automation Software for Sustainable Manufacturing

Tackle your environmental goals with utilities analytics & automation software for sustainable manufacturing.

Explore ideas to monitor, correlate and understand, and then optimize resource consumption within each plant to support enterprise sustainability goals.

Operations Data and Applications Model

Drive Agility, Flexibility, and Transformation by:

  • Democratizing Data
  • Centralizing/Standardizing Configuration
  • Enabling Contextual OT Visualization

November 8, 11AM EST / 5PM CET

Learn how an enterprise-wide data and applications model accelerates deployments, decreases maintenance, supports optimization, and empowers plants.

SCADA Cyber Security and Enterprise Visibility

Available now!

How to Decrease Risk, Enable Remote Operators, and Increase Operations Intelligence

November 16, 11AM EST / 5PM CET

With cyber threats and operations disruptions on the rise, resiliency is key. Join our experts to discuss how to decrease risk, enable remote operators, and increase operations intelligence in the coming year.

Also, hear how consolidating to an Enterprise SCADA improves cyber security while reducing costs and increasing visibility. 

What’s coming in the future?

There are more webinar topics GE Vernova will cover in the future, such as:

  • iFIX 2024 & CIMPLICITY 2024
  • MES: Proficy Plant Applications 2024, Cloud OEE/MES, MDC
  • Proficy Historian 2024 & Proficy Historian for Cloud 2024
  • Proficy Operations Hub 2024
  • Proficy CSense 2024 – industrial analytics
  • Recipe Management

But there’s no need to wait for news about these topics, you can already register for any of the planned webinars at the link below!

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