Workflows, procedures and processes that controls manufacturing throughout the entire supply chain have undergone continues improvement since many years. 

Automation of those through digitalisation is to take it a step further where the flows can be supervised, controlled, documented and optimised which take the productivity to the next level. 

Whether you’re adding value to complex assets, enabling a new field service capability or searching for ways to tune industrial processes, functions for genealogy, tracking, automation, OEE, reporting and many more are all natural parts of digital transformation. Adapting digital tools and work principles to reach operational excellence

Current Highlights
Modern HMI/SCADA Guidebook for Efficient Operations

Modern HMI SCADA Guidebook


Modern HMI/SCADA systems can help you reduce operating costs, maintain a high level of service, ease compliance with evolving regulatory standards, and increase the efficiency of your operators.

Get a detailed overview of this technology—explore tips and best practices—in Modern HMI/SCADA Guidebook for Efficient Operations.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Visit A day in the life of a Production Order and experience how digitisation impacts people every day in a Food&Beverage plant.

Listen to two customers and their digital transformation journey and get convinced that every change done right is worth all time and energy spent.

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SCADA Challenge Game

WaterTown SCADA game

Get a feeling how to meet todays digitisation challenges by playing a game and become SCADA Superhero!

The mission is to keep costs low, by managing the water supply efficiently. Avoid unplanned downtime from failing pumps, balance electricity costs and keep the community happy.

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