Do you rely on manual data and business system date to calculate machine efficiency? Then you can get faster and more accurate results by using an automated OEE system. The challenge is often to find the right system and the right way to integrate the system into the company. Novotek has extensive experience of implementing OEE solutions. Proficy offers not only OEE but also integrated quality management, and the solution is based on the groundbreaking technology Predix from GE.

What can you achieve with a Proficy OEE system?

One of the most immediate benefits is the ability to produce more from the same machines, but that is far from everything. Being able to see the impact of poor quality and ensure that the intended line speed is maintained are additional benefits of OEE. To this you can add, among other things, more accurate cost calculations, better planning and lower energy consumption.


What is OEE?

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Learn the basics of OEE / TAK calculations and its parts, as well as how the different factors affect each other.

Here are concrete results from using Proficy OEE

The most convincing reason is not the sales arguments or the nice presentations, but the results that real customers have achieved. Novotek has installed more than 100 Proficy OEE, and the results are really good. Here are some examples:

5% cost reduction

2.75% more production

2% reduction of quality problems

3% more profit

3% reduced waste

Proficy OEE Operator View

Usability is a key factor in the success of implementing OEE. Proficy OEE has a modern and extremely user-friendly interface where the operator can start production orders, specify reasons for stoppages, and reasons why products are discarded. Data is presented in real time to the operator so that everyone knows the status of machines, lines or entire facilities. These key figures can be displayed and color-coded depending on your goals.

The line and operations management view for Proficy OEE

Although real-time values for all key figures are useful, you may need to review the data. For example, you need to find the underlying causes by analysing the data. By focusing on the most common issues, you can increases ROI with LEAN initiatives and deliver better results. Proficy OEE comes with a set of standard reports that satisfy most users and provides an overview of the status now and in the past. Furthermore, you can use these standard reports as templates to suit your specific requirements.

The benefits of the GE and Proficy platforms

Although the standard Proficy OEE package solves 95 percent of all OEE needs immediately, you can also custom everything acording to your needs. There are no restrictions on what can be tailored using OEE calculations. The same goes for the implementation strategy, which can be anything from a cloud-based version to a dedicated installation on site. We know that there are many different needs, and therefore we offer a complete range of opportunities.

With our OEE solution, Proficy Efficiency from GE Digital, you get a complete solution with all the tools you need.

Our product specialists and technicians will help you find the right way to implement OEE in your production. Read more about our OEE solution, Proficy Efficency and Proficy Plant Applications below.

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