Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Analytics, AI and Machine Learning are terms for automated data analysis. With minimal human impact, patterns and deviations can be detected early and you can make important production changes that optimise your business.

With Analytics, AI and machine learning, production deviations in machines and equipment can be quickly detected and controlled. You may be warned of unwanted situations such as engine vibrations, increased energy and resource consumption or increased load. Based on historical process data, the calculations are made automatically and you will be notified in the event of deviations. The result is reduced downtime and improved quality and profit.

Machine learning

Implement a process to optimise your data


We start with a review of your challenges and potential goals and prioritise one to begin with.


Once we have selected a challenge, resource or process, we perform a detailed review to understand available data.


During interconnection, we collect data through the tools we have chosen, and add other relevant data and knowledge. 


In this step, we let the tools work, and begin to see results and outcomes.


When we have access to results, the process begins to evaluate and find conclusions.


Different tools for analysis

We have collected a number of different tools for analysis. These include trend tools, statistics-based modelling, model-based modelling and the latest in AI technology. Machine Learning can be many things: From offline analysis and trend, to complete online twin modelling. We work with GE and PTC to gather and develop available tools.

You need a Data Scientist

Our experience is that the key to successful analysis is achieved with a Data Scientist. In-depth knowledge of the various tools and their various advantages and disadvantages is required, as well as an understanding of industrial data collection and processes. Novotek has a team of knowledgeable technicians who can help you get started with your analysis project.

Digital Twin

Use digital twins

A digital twin is a powerful way to merge all available data about an event or resource into one model. This model can be added to analysis, processes and other information such as comments and test protocols. When you have a large number of resources with your own digital twin, you can let modern AI tools cross-reference and analyse operating patterns and results. The results may be surprising.

We help you with Analytics, AI and Machine Learning

Does your company have data but no conclusions? Novotek offers everything from classic analysis solutions to new technology based on AI and Machine Learning, including Proficy CSense . Our employees help you find the right way to implement the right solution in your company.

Proficy CSense is an AI and Machine Learning solution from GE Digital, world-leading players in systems adapted for industrial automation and digitisation.

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Use AI and Machine Learning to combine data.

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