Emerson RSTi is a compact and distributed solution, RSTi is easy to configure, manage and upgrade. With Ethernet-based RSTi I/O, high-speed communications are enhanced to facilitate the massive amounts of data that your devices generate. RSTi I/O unlocks the continuity, connectivity, and collaboration for your control systems.

Smarter Architecture

Today’s connected machines require innovative, high performance control systems that minimise unplanned downtime and increase productivity and efficiency. RSTi-EP is a perfect example, combineing powerful technology and a modular, compact form factor to deliver higher performance and maximized productivity in today’s connected automation systems.


rsti power module

PACSystems RSTi-EP I/O

The RSTi-EP remote I/O system is well suited for Industrial Internet enabled applications. It features an extended operating temperature range, enhanced diagnostics, plug-and-play connectivity and high channel density– all designed to simplify machine design and maintenance. Advanced diagnostics make RSTi-EP ideal for remote applications, especially those where I/O can be difficult to reach. RSTi-EP I/O is easily expandable, soy ou can adapt and extend coverage as your system evolves.

RSTi-EP Standalone Controller

PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE100

The demand for improved asset performance and productivity is increasing in manufacturing and infrastructure markets. They require even smaller
applications with robust execution performance and a range of connectivity options to real-time application status information and diagnostics.
Emerson has designed a small form factor, high performance controller that enables equipment builders to improve performance and flexibility of
their machines while reducing size, complexity, and cost.


  • Latest CPU features integrated System-on-Module processor for reduced latency and more precise data or I/O control
  • Full PACSystems library of programming capabilities helps enable quick and convenient application development
  • Store large amounts of data for better system statistics and analysis
  • Store application files right on the control for fast access to drawings, debug or startup information, operational notes, and more
  • Built-in multiport switch reduces I/O wiring cost and installation time
  • Three-port switch allows for I/O network redundancy via Media Redundancy Protocol and a connection for local HMI without extra networking equipment
  • Secure-by-design features include Trusted Platform Module and Measured Boot technology to enable encrypted, digitally signed firmware updates and help stop attempts to introduce malware onto the CPU. These same technologies are included on the PACSystems RX3i product line.
  • Achilles Level 2 certification indicates that it meets industry standards for reliability and communications robustness
  • Role-based access control assigns user privileges based on pre-defined levels of authorisation, enhancing system security
  • Open standard for high-speed I/O connectivity
  • Support for Media Redundancy Protocol for robust operation
  • Replace devices without the need to reconfigure them for improved uptime.

A large selection of RSTi products from Emerson

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