Do you lack historical and refined data, log too few signals, do you have the wrong time resolution, take your data too much space, are difficult to administer and make your systems slow?

Our data logging solutions offer robust and efficient information management, where you can store all data in one place, which makes it easily accessible to all users.

We offer software for fast, easy collection, archiving and compression as well as analysis and distribution of large volumes of information in real time.

Use your collected process data.

With our solutions, you get flexible storage and retrieval of process data. There are a plethora of possibilities and ready-made connections to various analysis tools. Store all process data and later decide how you want to use it. Select the relevant data from the collected information for analysis and evaluation. Different users can use the information in different ways, such as producing production reports, process analyzes and Ai.

Here is a list of the products we use in data logging.
Proficy Historian

Proficy Historian is perfect for data logging, it only collects changed data, which provides unmatched performance and high precision. It compresses data to minimize network load and write to hard drives.

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Kepware datalogger

If you want easy storage of your process data in a SQL server, then use Kepware data logger, and use existing analysis tools such as Microsoft Power BI.