Readily available, accurate, timely information is critical for many different stakeholders in industrial operations. Proficy Historian simplifies and automates the work of getting data into the right hands for process tuning and troubleshooting, performance analysis, quality & safety monitoring and compliance. 

Built to keep up with the most demanding high-speed applications, and allowing for flexible, resilient, secure deployment, Proficy Historian gives you a single machine data collection platform for managing automation and sensor data. With open interfaces and APIs for reporting and integration, that data is available where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

Speed and Scale

Even small plants can generate enormous volumes of data, and some assets or processes need to be monitored at subsecond intervals to find the keys to optimisation or risk management. Proficy Historian is able to process over a million read and write operations each second, from up to 2000 individual collectors. That makes it the machine data collection platform with the performance to keep up with the most demanding operations. Logical and physical compression of data at the point of collection reduce the network traffic needed without compromising the fidelity of your data. And with the newest multi-node architectures, you can distribute server operations for resilience and performance.

Proficy Historian

Modern Administration & Visualisation Environments

Proficy Historian includes web based trend analysis tools to enable the fastest start exploring the information you collect. A simple asset-modeling tool allows you to put structure and descriptive information around your raw data, so that non-technical users can search and explore without constant assistance.

A single web-console enables administration of multiple servers and related collectors. So your system’s technical owners can efficiently deploy, monitor and adjust your overall footprint – wherever and whenever they need to.

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Embed Industrial Data in Cloud Applications

With increasing adoption of cloud solutions for both computing infrastructure and application hosting, GE Digital has invested to make Historian able to form part of a hybrid approach to managing industrial data.  Modern tools and protocols such as Java, Python and MQTT are now available in the collectors and calculation engines. And new ETL tools for bulk data movement mean customers can let Historian front the challenges of connectivity and data speed and volume and still easily integrate asset and process data into their cloud-based data stores and apps.

Core Capabilities

  • Manage data stores from 100 to 100Million tags
  • Resilient edge data collection with redundancy, store and forward, logical and physical data compression.
  • Centrally managed server and collector configuration
  • Support for legacy (OPC DA) and modern protocols such as OPC-UA and MQTT 
  • Support for enterprise architectures with data mirroring and multiple server nodes 
  • Native web-based trending tool
  • Asset modeling option based on ISA-95
  • ODBC, REST, JAVA interfaces and APIs available
  • Predix, AWS, Azure and Google cloud connectivity
  • One-click integration with Proficy HMI SCADA solutions iFIX and CIMPLICITY
  • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliant deployments 
  • Alarm & Event collection option (Requires MSSQL supplement)
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