VersaMax from Emerson is an innovative PLC series that combines performance, reliability and flexibility. A compact solution combines powerful processors with a wide range of I / O modules that can be connected to a number of different buses and networks. The PLC delivers secure information between real-time controllers to optimise operations, maximise productivity and minimise downtime.

Emerson delivers a wide range of VersaMax products with modular and scalable architecture that can be customised for your production. User-friendly interface makes PLC fast and easy to handle for operators.

A compact and versatile PLC

Maximum versatility is the principle behind Emerson’s VersaMax. VersaMax provides precise and powerful control in a compact design. With scalable architecture, PLC is designed to handle production challenges and rapid conversions and can improve machine performance, availability and profitability.

VersaMax Micro

Designed for power and performance in a small package, VersaMax Micro delivers a range of features typically found only in larger PLCs. 64 I / O points (expandable to 176 I / O points), 128 kb memory for application programs, short cycle times, a robust instruction set, real-time clock, PID control and large memory that multiplies the programming options are among the features. With its compact design, PLC is optimal in operating environments where panel space is limited, but at the same time applications with high performance, volume and processor speed are required.

VersaMax Micro PLS provides scalability and flexibility to cover a wide range of applications. For applications that require multiple I / O, up to four modules can be used to expand the range of controllers. Smaller machines can use the unit as stand-alone controls with integrated I / O functions. This gives you the flexibility to configure a solution that suits your requirements.

VersaMax I/O

As a universal I / O, VersaMax allows you to connect to a variety of host controls, including PLC, DCS and PC control systems. Emerson offers a wide range of analog, mixed and specialised I / O modules. These modules can be combined to create standalone I / O devices with up to 256 I / O points, as well as extended systems with up to I / O-2048 points.

VersaMax is designed for optimal user-friendliness. “Connect” I / O carriers means that no tools are needed for installation or extraction of modules. A convenient switch is used to set bus addresses, which reduces programming time. I / O can also be addressed automatically.

Machine Edition

Programming and configuration

ntegrated Machine Edition software , provides easy configuration. Mix relay ladder diagram and instruction list programming in the same program, develop and save custom display tables and display PLC and I / O system error tables on demand. Machine Edition is the same software as all PACSystems processors, so you only need a single tool from small to large applications. The user interface has drag-and-drop editing and a large set of development tools.

All devices have an RS-232 port that can be used for SNP-Slave, Modubus RTU, or serial I / O commands. Selected devices have an RS-485 port that adds SNP master and Modbus master commands. Micro 20, Micro 40 and Micro 64 have an additional port that supports RS-232, RS-485 or USB communication module. VersaMax Micro PLS easily connects to Ethernet with a serial Ethernet module.


  • A versatile PLC that combines performance, reliability and flexibility, with modular and scalable architecture.
  • Wide range of I / O modules that can be connected to a number of different buses and networks.
  • Provides secure information between real-time controllers.
  • VersaMax Micro comes with, among other things, 64 I / O points (expandable to 176 I / O points), 128 kb memory for application programs, short cycle times, a robust set of instructions, real-time clock, PID control and large memory.
  • VersaMax I / O provides the ability to connect to a variety of host controls, including PLC, DCS and PC control systems.
  • Easy configuration with integrated Machine Edition software.
  • Developed for easy use: “Assemble” I / O carriers and HMI with drag-and-drop function.

A large selection of VersaMax products from Emerson

With VersaMax, you get a compact all-in-one design with maximum functionality, which can be easily installed in your company. VersaMax was previously a product from GE Digital. Today, the PLCs are part of the Emerson Machine Automation Solution product portfolio. 

If you already know which VersaMax product you need, visit our estore and order it online now. Otherwise contact one of our team for more advice.

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