Improve visibility with modern control systems

Improve visibility with modern SCADA

Establishing efficient monitoring and control for your operators the key to their success. For over 35 years, Novotek Solutions has taken an innovative approach to SCADA, closely following industry standards.

Every operation is different, and the challenges presented by such diversity require a bespoke approach. By providing clean, clear data and information, whilst retaining the ability to dive deeper into high levels of detail, we can allow your operators to spend less time analysing and take decisive action.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

By improving real-time visibility, you can empower your plant operatives to make data driven decisions. Companies can now prevent unplanned downtime, by monitoring the performance and health of their assets and then use predicative maintenance to service those assets before they fail.

Improve visibility with real-time dashboards powered by IIoT
From the topfloor to the shopfloor, MES offers the opportunity to improve visibility

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

With Proficy Plant Applications 2023, manufacturers can decrease downtime, improve visibility and operator performance through new capabilities for discrete, process and mixed manufacturing.