Evolution 2023: How changing technology is driving evolution in manufacturing (and Novotek!)

On Wednesday 20th September, Novotek Ireland invites you to Evolution 2023!

We’re bringing together representatives from exciting vendor partners with members of our expanding Novotek family to provide a comprehensive session on what the latest evolving technology has to offer.

Auvesy MDT, HighByte and GE are joining us at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin for a lively, engaging conference. It’s a great way to meet the new faces in our team and get updated on the latest developments in the industry!

What’s Evolution 2023 about?
Leading Vendors

Gain new insights and knowledge on cutting-edge solutions such as GE Proficy suite, Auvesy-MDT’s octoplant and HighByte. Speak directly with the vendor teams and ask your questions!

Future Ready

Learn how Novotek is evolving to become a partner of the future. New skills, new faces, ONE Novotek team – all ready to support the future of the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

Commitment to Ireland

We’ve recently opened a new office in Ireland, meet and talk with our extended team to see how the entire Novotek family can support Irish industry!

Novotek is changing to meet the demand driven by rapidly changing technology. During the event both long-established customers and the newly curious will have the chance to be updated on broad technology trends affecting industry, how Novotek is evolving to be the partner of the future, and what key things leading industrial software firms believe will be important to Irish industry.

Our ‘Digitalisation Wheel’ highlights key solutions and how they fit into a digitalisation programme

Trends such as IT/OT convergence, the rise of cloud, and the latest automation and industrial IT offerings all mean that industrial firms can get more leverage than ever from the data generated within their operations. Conversely, though, the skills and expertise needed to create advantages from evolving tech are evolving too. The advent of Novotek Solutions offers a bridge to industrials and their ecosystem alike. As a force multiplier in the Irish Market, Evolution will cover Novotek’s new capaiblities and expertise in the following areas

  • Taking fullest advantage of modern IT infrastructure for performance, maintainability, resilience and security
  • Adopting best practices for using the newest tools and releases from key vendors
  • Selecting appropriate tools for different functional needs – especially in a world where so many legacy systems have relied on traditional control and SCADA applications to do “everything”
  • Capturing good ideas from the broader industrial community so customers can tap into a broader pool of wisdom as they consider productivity, sustainability, brand building and other initiatives

Date and time: 20th September 09:00 – 15:00

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown Town Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin, D15 T1FD, Ireland

Novotek Dublin 2023 agenda

Welcome 09:15-09:30
Evolving technology, evolving Novotek
How Novotek is changing to meet the demands of the times. The bigger organisation means a broader, deeper team to stand behind Ireland’s industrial firms and the services ecosystem around them.
Evolution of GE Digital portfolio
Focusing on developments in key solutions like iFIX, Historian, Batch and Operations Hub – and how shared models and new web client technologies offer more flexibility than ever before.
GE Evolution continued
A deeper look at the increasingly enriched functionality in GE Manufacturing Execution Systems and Analytics offerings. Of particular interest to firms evaluating the most modern ways to supplement PLC and SCADA-based automation.
Combined expertise – Collaboration for better program definition and outcomes
Chris Barlow discusses how customers succeeding with the newest technology have built an ecosystem with Novotek expert resources collaborating alongside their team and key services partners.
Concurrent Track 1 – Auvesy MDT octoplant
How a hybrid IT/OT/Internal/External team can leverage tech asset management tools to drive improvements in: 
Business resilience 
Error-proofing project work 
Concurrent Track 2 – HighByte
HighByte Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer John Harrington discusses the benefits of DataOps and managing plant floor data at the Edge, allowing firms to securely leverage valuable industrial data without writing or maintaining code.

Learn how Unifed Namespace (UNS) support a structure by which all business applications are able to consume real-time industrial data in a consistent manner.
13:15 – 14:00
Concurrent Track 3 – Proficy Suite demo and discussion
A guided tour of sample environments showcasing the key new capabilities in SCADA, Historian and MES.
13:15 – 14:00
Change and the abundance of choice
There’s often more than one “right way” to deliver a result. Sean Robinson and Chris Barlow share examples of how customers have engaged Novotek to help define IT and OT plans at early stages, so they can take fullest advantage of technology developments.
14:00 – 14:45
Closing14:45- 15:00
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