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Novotek launches new e-store to help industries with quick orders

Novotek UK and Ireland have launched an online shop called novotek-estore to help engineers and technicians source advanced industrial automation hardware online. Engineers, plant managers and manufacturers can now buy automation products and solutions for industrial equipment from the website. Which streamlines the process of investing in or replacing automation systems. The store is available at

The site has launched with over 70 of the most commonly used hardware products from Emerson Automation Solutions. That range from operator interfaces to products in the PACSystems range of programmable automation controllers (PACs). Engineers and managers can use these systems to replace existing controllers and upgrade existing systems with modern automation solutions.

Novotek will continue to expand the range of products available via the e-store with products from Novotek’s range of partners. Visitors are able to search the site’s products by category, by usage or by product code, allowing them to find the right system for their needs.

A Few Words from George Walker, Managing Director of Novotek Uk and Ireland:

“For over 30 years, we have helped engineers and technicians find the right advanced industrial automation hardware and software in Northern Europe,” explained George Walker.

“Over the years, engineers, plant managers and manufacturers would come to our experts for consultations or to find better industrial IT equipment that meet their requirements. However, we also realised that not all the engineers and technicians needed a consultation, but a quick way to buy their products or specific services. This e-shop provides the quickest, safest and most efficient way to deliver industrial equipment to businesses that know precisely what they need, while still offering consultations and product expert services.

Orders are dispatched as quickly as possible.. Support is available by telephone on +44 (0)113 531 2400. For other enquiries about the new e-store or for further system support, contact the team on Novotek.

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