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Industrial Data Summit 2022

Industrial Data Summit 2022

Is your data strategy coherent?…

…Do your tools and techniques address ALL of your stakeholders’ needs?

28th of April 2022

Where we will explore how manufacturers can address the challenge of developing a plant data collection strategy, and from that, adopt solutions that ensure users with widely different data/information needs can be served from a common approach.

The Industrial Data Summit has the world’s largest gathering of manufacturing data professionals in the UK and is presented by The Manufacturer Magazine. An event designed to bring together manufacturers who are committed to data and analytics. With its interactive format, your key business challenges, providing real insight and value to all attendees.

The ability to access, understand, and query their data is crucial to manufacturers today in order to improve efficiency, cut costs, and embed data-driven decision making.

Topics covered include:

  • What data to collect, and how – including use of sensors.
  • How to manage your data – including data quality and standardisation, cleansing, and integrating disparate data sources.
  • How you ensure the data integrity right through the value chain.
  • How to eliminate data silos.
  • How AI can be used to ensure the production link works efficiently.
  • How to visualise your data.
  • How to use the data you have collected to create new revenue systems.

Benefit from a day of in-depth case studies, thought-provoking discussions, and networking.

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