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The integration platform OPC Router – now on the web

A new version of OPC Router is available! The update includes all-new application capabilities to take your productivity to a new level. It has become easier to manage data transfer and from now on it can also be used on the web.

he new web interface revolutionizes the work with OPC Router. Connections and data transfers can now be created, managed, or monitored directly on the web.

Sören Rose, CEO Inray

What’s new in OPC Router 5

User login in OPC Router

With OPC Router 5 and the web interface, it is now possible to create multiple users. Users can then log in to OPC Router with a username and password. At the same time, different roles and rights can be assigned. Via the user login, several users can now also work in OPC Router at the same time and with the live version you can even work simultaneously in one application.

How to use OPC Router on the web:
  1. Install your OPC Router 5 in the way you prefer, e.g. on a Windows server.
  2. Launch OPC Router directly in the browser.

Once this is done, you are cross-platform and can work from different devices and operating systems.

Share OPC Routers applications

From now on, you can connect to different OPC Router by changing the URL in the browser.

Run OPC Router on Edge

Thanks to docker technology, OPC Router can now run on an Edge device. An Edge solution enables storage, analysis, and retrieval of machine data directly on the production floor without additional transmission paths. Edge computing thus enables faster availability and usability of data.

The new version revolutionizes edge computing and creates new opportunities.

Mike Elsen, CEO Inray

The installation of OPC Router is done either via OPC Router Management or the various marketplaces . Once OPC Router is installed on the Edge device, it can be managed through the web interface.

See OPC Router’s product presentation

Get an overview of the new features and watch OPC Router 5 used in the webinar below. You can also test the OPC router yourself: Try the OPC Router demo here.

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