A control system must work together with the existing infrastructure and also be able to be scaled according to the company’s needs. PACSystems from Emerson is a complete PAC system (programmable automatic control units) and comes with a wide range of industrial automation and control solutions. With modular and scalable open architecture and simple system integration, PACSystems can be adapted to your company’s unique needs. 

PACSystems provides precise control options and better connectivity options in all types of industrial environments. You get the insight and control you need to reduce downtime and increase productivity. 

Scalable control system “on the edge”

Monitor, manage and adjust production with powerful edge technology. Emerson’s PACSystems handles demanding industrial applications with open, scalable and interoperable control solutions. This approach optimises system control and enables analysis and machine learning “on the edge”. This means that industrial processes can be improved and the overall performance can be increased, – without sacrificing driving time, safety or connection.


From small, compact applications to large, redundant systems: PACSystems comes with a wide range of controllers and I / O combined with powerful software and a user-friendly operator interface. The system communicates seamlessly with devices and systems that use OPC-UA.

Machine Edition


PACSystems comes with secure, integrated control software. Program and configure PACSystems devices using built-in tools, open standards, and a fully integrated development environment. Use version control and verify communication with a standard set of configuration tools. Access to the software is secured with encrypted passwords and authorized access.


PACSystems delivers industry-leading, award-winning industrial controllers that handle a wide range of application requirements. The controls use PROFINET for better performance and productivity and are compatible with most industry standards. With 24 to 32,000 I / O points, the controls are highly scalable. The system has a redundant and secure design. Emerson uses secure-by-design in its PACSystems controllers, including the Trusted Platform Module and Secure Boot.


PACSystems controllers are designed to deliver maximum performance in harsh industrial environments and have a fanless design, are shock and vibration proof and have a protective coating as a barrier against pollution, moisture and corrosion. The controls can withstand temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees. You can choose from a wide range of control units in different sizes.

Industrial Display

Industrial Screens and Operator Interfaces

Provide operators with quick and easy access to data with the PACSystems series’ robust, industrial screens. A wide range of modular HMIs and touch screens combine user-friendliness with industrial durability needed in harsh environments. Modular design provides easy scalability, while built-in serial connection function makes connection easier. 

Industrial Devices and I/O

With PACSystems PROFINET-based devices and I / O portfolio, you get the best connection on the market. Choose a combination of a variety of I / O and other industrial devices for a system that meets your unique application requirements. The right I / O for the right job reduces component costs and installation time.


  • A complete PAC system (programmable automatic control units) with a wide range of industrial automation and control solutions.
  • Modular and scalable open architecture and simple system integration to meet each company’s unique needs.
  • Powerful egde technology enables analysis and machine learning “on the edge”.
  • From small, compact applications to large redundant systems: A large selection of control units and I / O combined with powerful software and a user-friendly operator interface.
  • Integrated software with built-in tools, open standards and a fully integrated development environment.
  • Wide range of very high-performance control units, designed to handle tough industrial environments. Compatible with most industry standards.
  • Robust, industrial touch screens with modular HMI combine ease of use with industrial durability.
  • PROFINET-based devices and a large selection of I / O provide the best connection on the market.
  • Communication with OPC-UA.

PACSystems for your production

PACSystems is part of Emerson Machine Automation Solutions, a world leader in industrial automation systems. PACSystems combines very well with other automation solutions from, among others, Emerson Machine Edition and QuickPanel + . 

If you know exactly what you want, visit our estore and order it online now.

Plus, our sales people and technicians will help you find the right way to implement a complete management system in that company.

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