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Access to subject matter experts who are familiar with your systems can mean the difference between getting back up and running quickly and experiencing costly extended downtime. The Novotek Solutions team is on hand to support your operation with a wealth of experience and system knowledge.

In the face of the unexpected, getting back up and running is often the top priority. Help is close at hand. Our team provide viable workarounds to rapidly resume operations and in-depth root cause analysis to resolve long-term issues.

With your support contract, we provide a variety of SLAs set against key performance objectives and a robust case management process coupled with regular reporting for ultimate peace of mind.

So, how does it all work?

Onboarding with Novotek Support 

Our team are experts in the systems they support, and our onboarding process allows for further familiarity with the nuances of your operation and builds relationships with your key stakeholders. 

In the onboarding session with our support coordinator, Novotek will: 

  • Introduce you to our team and the engineers who will be working with you
  • Meet your team and the stakeholders who will be raising cases 
  • Create credentials for our dedicated Novotek Support Portal 
  • Agree on a remote access method (Our ConnectWise platform or a VPN if required) 

Following that process, key stakeholders from your business will receive a guided tour and training on raising, accessing and updating cases through our portal. Additional support methods are readily available and will be reflected digitally in our portal via email and phone.

The final onboarding session is ‘Knowledge Transfer’. Here, our team will receive the key details and nuances of your systems to ensure familiarity and the capacity for rapid resolutions in the future. These sessions are recorded and stored in our training platforms.  

Getting support 

Our team immediately receives a notification when you create a case on the Novotek Support Portal. A Novotek Support engineer will read and acknowledge the issue, sending a message back to you to let you know the work is ready to begin on the case. 

Our team will diagnose the issues remotely, and we’ll reclassify the case as ‘In Progress’. The engineer assigned to your case will inform you about any details that come up during our investigations and will stay in touch during the entire process. 

Once we identify and complete a fix, we’ll contact your team to inform them of the details and confirm the resolution of the issue. Following checking in with your operators, we’ll mark the case as fixed. 

If further action is required, and depending on the SLA, we’ll investigate the root cause of the case and work with 3rd party vendors to identify the problem and seek to implement a permanent fix. 

How to get in touch

  • Support Portal 
    • Raise a case with the details of the issues, and our team will respond
  • Email 
    • Send an email to our dedicated support email, and our system will automatically ingest your details and create a case, notifying our team of your issue
  • Phone 
    • Call and speak to our team directly
  • Out of Hours
    • Support Portal
    • Dedicated out-of-hours phoneline  

Why get support from Novotek Solutions? 

When the unexpected occurs, the mounting costs of lost productivity are the first thing that comes to mind. By undertaking a support contract with Novotek Solutions, help is close at hand. 

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Patch Management

Our fully-managed service ensures systems and applications are kept up to date. When critical systems become outdated, vulnerabilities can be exploited by a cyber-security attack. The result of such an attack is extended downtime, data loss and even being exposed to paying a ransom.

Our expert team complete the patching process from beginning to end, including testing to ensure seamless deployment.

Backup Management

Our Backup Management Service offers protection for your critical systems and data, assuring continuity for your operation in the face of hardware failure or operator error.

Novotek Solutions’ proprietary service is configured and deployed by our expert team to ensure a seamless fit with your individual requirements.

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