Automation, Digitalisation
and IoT – From Sensor to Cloud

We have the automation and digitization solutions you need to connect equipment and systems, digitize production and optimize operations.

Manufacturing companies that want:
• Innovation and continuous improvements
• More optimal and cost-effective production
• Sustainability, circular economy and “The Triple Bottom Line”
• A safe partner

With us you will find, among other things, PLC and control systems, HMI / SCADA, OPC servers, production planning, OEE, MES, maintenance system and AI & Machine Learning. The solutions are based on standard off-the-shelf products from world-leading players, such as GE Digital, Kepware and Emerson, and are configured to your needs.

We work in many different industries. Everything from small companies to large international corporations use our products, services and solutions to produce more optimally and cost-effectively – every day. We work with some of the largest compaines in the food and beverage industry and other industrial sectors like: automotive, life sciences and water & wastewater.

Are you ready for digital transformation?

For years, digital transformation has been considered a new frontier for manufacturing and industrial operations. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the series of subsequent supply chain struggles, it’s becoming apparent that digital transformation is no longer the next frontier; it’s the next normal. However, it is also a journey rather than a destination. As with any journey, you need to know where you are departing from, not simply where you intend to go before deciding on which industrial digital solutions are appropriate for you.

Assessing your level of digital maturity and readiness is an essential step prior to undertaking any digitalisation project. Although they sound similar, digital maturity and digital readiness are distinct; the former focusses on technological deployments, whereas the latter encompasses a review of enterprise-wide processes, skills and staff.

Discover you level of digital maturity and where you are in the digital transformation cycle

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