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HighByte Intelligence Hub 3.2: New UNS client and expanded Data Pipelines capabilities

HighByte Intelligence Hub 3.1 provides industrial businesses with the capabilities they need to ensure their infrastructure continues to meet the needs of IT and OT. With a focus on data access, scale, and governance at scale, version 3.1 unlocks new levels of access to contextualized and usable information across the enterprise.

What’s new in Intelligence Hub 3.1

  • New REST Data Server
  • Both new and improved Connectors, including: PI System, Apache Kafka, Sparkplug, OPC UA, REST Client, AWS IoT SiteWise, Modbus TCP and File Connector (now with FTP support)
  • Improved Configuration Import/Export
  • Dynamic Templates with the ability to import Models and Instances directly from third-party systems, including Element Unify

REST Data Server

With the latest version, you can request data from the Intelligence Hub via REST Data Server, which acts as an API gateway for industrial data residing in the OT system. This means that you can request information directly from the Intelligence Hub instead of having to go to the underlying, original source.

REST Data Server is an HTTPS-based API, and can be used with any HTTP client. This ensures broad support among IT applications and services.


File Connector with FTP Secure Intelligence Hub 3.1 is built on file protocol and shared Network Directories (SMB) and comes with support for File Transport Protocol (FTP) with Transport Layer Security (TLS), also known as File Transport Protocol Secure

In the Intelligence Hub, users can now safely read and write to individual or multiple files, as well as manage directories in FTP servers. This opens up new possibilities for interfacing with data in Vision Systems, CNC machines, laboratory instrumentation and more. In addition, version 3.1 supports “Store and Forward” for data continuity in the event of an outage.

AVEVA PI System Connectivity
Version 3.1 establishes greater support for PI System inputs and outputs, including assets, asset metadata, event frame, point, and point changes. In addition, the Intelligence Hub now supports all PI System Output Update Options.

OPC UA Improvements to the OPC UA
connector simplify scaling.

Configuration Import/Export

Users can import and export JSON-based configuration files directly into the Web-based configuration environment. Both full and partial configurations can be imported and exported. This enables configuration sharing at the connection, state, model, instance, streaming, pipeline, and tag levels.

Dynamic Template and Element Unify Connector

With version 3.1, Intelligence Hub extends flexibility around external data sources by using dynamic templates to retrieve metadata such as SQL databases or CSV files. Dynamic templates allow you to pull external template definitions directly into the Intelligence Hub, reducing configuration and simplifying scaling.

Version 3.1 also has a built-in link to Element Unify, designed to import model and instance definitions. This connector supports AWS’s Industrial Data Fabric.

Want to know more about Intelligence Hub 3.1?

Read more about the new version on HighByte’s blog, or see the release notes for a complete overview of all new features and performance improvements.

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