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AUVESY-MDT launches octoplant

A brand new software from AUVESY-MDT is available! octoplant combines backup, version control and cyber security for the entire production facility. 



In January, AUVESY and MDT Software merged. The two market-leading companies have a total of 47 years of expertise in software for industrial automation, and explained in the press release how they will in future focus on developing common products.

On April 19, AUVESY-MDT launched its first product, octoplant, which combines features from versiondog and AutoSave.

Existing versiondog customers will still retain their versiondog licenses, with software updates as before. For new customers, octoplant takes over versiondog.

Get full control with octoplant

octoplant is a modular software platform that combines backup and version control of automation software with cyber security. The platform consists of eight different function sets adapted to industrial needs, which protect against production downtime and data loss, and increase cyber security.

Via various dashboards, you can have an overview and view information about events in the system, so that you can quickly make decisive decisions in the event of a system failure or production stoppage. In addition to the current status, you also have access to version history with all configurations, so you can see what changes have been made, when they were made, and why. Earlier versions can be restored at the touch of a button, – both during downtime and cyber attacks.

octoplant hub

“Octoplant provides maximum reliability, minimal downtime and high quality and safety standards. The software is an important milestone for the development of digital control of equipment and software for industrial companies “, says Dr. Tim Weckerle, CEO of AUVESY-MDT. 

Tailored to your needs

octoplant is vendor independent and can be used with all your automation software for a comprehensive overview. Automatic backup can be done on a single device, or entire systems with several thousand devices, sensors, hardware and software components.

The software is available as a subscription model. Choose between Core, Plus and Premium.

Ocoplant versions

“Octoplant stands out because the software has the greatest compatibility, across both manufacturers and devices. Comparable solutions only cover individual machines or parts of a plant, such as PLCs and HMI / SCADA systems. octoplant includes all the elements in the plant, and creates an optimal connection between OT and IT, which enables companies to reach a new level in Business Intelligence and cyber security “, explains Stefan Jesse, Group COO at AUVESY-MDT.

Want to know more about octoplant? Visit our product pages , or contact us to learn more about the platform.

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