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AUVESY-MDT Product Update: What’s New in Octoplant

A new version of octoplant is available! Version 101.2.0 comes with several new exciting features that will take usage to the next level. See all that’s new here.

octoplant is a modular software platform from AUVESY-MDT, which combines backup and version control of automation software and OT equipment with cyber security. Learn more on our product pages.

What’s new in octoplant

OctoPlant Pro Hub

Reporting data is now more tailored to your KPIs than ever before! With octoplant pro hub you can bring your octoplant data together with data from other systems using the backup and versioning processes. This ensures even better visibility and transparency across all production processes and plants. The SaaS solution also makes Business Intelligence accessible and easy to use for all users.

New Octoplant Pro Hub compared to previous Octoplant hub (formerly Automation Solution Center):

Asset management (beta)

With the new pro hub, you can create an up-to-date list of assets with the click of a mouse. Here you get a comprehensive overview of your physical equipment, including manufacturer, device type, firmware versions, and much more. The feature is included in this version of asset management and will help you manage your assets more efficiently.

octoplant Server

The latest version comes with additional device support and editor updates for a selection of new devices, including SE EcoStruxure Machine Expert, ABB AC 500 and Stäbli Robot CS8/CS9, and many more. In addition, additional edtior updates, e.g. for Rockwell Studio 5000 v35, SE EcoStruxure Control Expert v15.3 and others, can be implemented.
See the complete list of device support and editor updates here.

Important information

  • The latest version will give you the best possible security. Therefore, AUVESY-MDT recommends that you update to the new version as soon as possible.
  • octoplant Server and BackupClient are only executable on 64-bit operating systems (newer than Windows 7) from the new version onwards.

Do you have questions about the new version, need help upgrading, or want to start using octoplant for the first time? Contact us and we will help you!


Want to learn more about what’s new? Join us for AUVESY-MDT’s webinar, CONNECT 2023, Tuesday, June 27th! Here there will be a review of both the new Octoplant Pro Hub and asset management.

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