Proficy CIMPLICITY 2023 Coming Soon!

Check out GE Digital’s new generation CIMPLICITY featuring native HTML with Proficy Operations Hub, MQTT, and Configuration Hub for common authentication and modeling.

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CIMPLICITY’s scalability and performance have made it a solution of choice across a range of industrial sectors. Yet it retains its roots in discrete manufacturing to this day, with focused capabilities in areas such as CNC integration, andon/marquee deployment and SPC capability suited to manufacturing firms in the automotive and aerospace or similar value chains. CIMPLICITY has also been widely adopted by equipment builders delivering the most advanced machine tools and manufacturing cells in these sectors.

Beyond providing critical visualisation, alarm management and control functions within the production environment, CIMPLICITY can play a key role in making it easy to capture and deliver data to the surrounding people and systems. With the option to deliver native SCADA via thin clients of different types, or simply enable data to flow to related solutions such as Proficy Historian or operations, Hub, CIMPLICITY provides a key foundation for broader digitisation and Industry 4.0 initiatives.

Proficy Cimplicity

Monitoring and control with Proficy Cimplicity

Get a powerful Client / Server-based HMI / SCADA solution that is ideal for systems with discrete manufacturing. It has a specially adapted functionality for industries such as automotive, space, machining, semiconductor, CNC, motion control and packaging industry. 

Proficy Cimplicity gives operators and engineers the power and security to accurately monitor and control every aspect of the manufacturing process, equipment and resources. The result is faster answers to equipment-related questions, the possibility of reduced waste, improved quality, shorter time to market and higher profitability.


  • Powerful monitoring and control of production
  • Easy to use for new and experienced users
  • Robust connection to other software, systems and devices
  • Powerful “thin client” technology
  • True Client / Server architecture for easy scalability
  • Sophisticated alarm handling and trending
  • OPC Client, Server, and Alarm & Events
  • Lots of drivers and OPC servers 
Features and Functionality of Cimplicity
Architectures & SCADA Engine

Flexibility to serve any HMI/SCADA application.

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Scalable Clients & Visualisation

Visualisation where and when you need it.

Explore Visualisation
Development & Connectivity

Rapid dev with modern HMI/SCADA.

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Operator Enablement

Speed response & reporting.

Explore HMI and Alarms
Compliance & Security

Meet standards for your application.

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Download the Cimplicity 2022 Datasheet
Cimplicity 2022 Datasheet

User-friendly and easy access

Graphical user interface and navigation ensure good usability among both new and experienced users. Access via PC, mobile and tablet gives operators access anytime and anywhere.

The solution is provided by GE Digital, a world-leading player in systems adapted for industrial automation and digitisation.

Novotek has been a supplier of HMI / SCADA solutions for more than 35 years. Our consultants will help you find the right way to implement Proficy Cimplicity in your company.

Cimplicity easy access
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