Proficy Operations Hub 2023 Coming Soon!

This new release of Proficy Operations Hub continues GE Digital’s commitment to a rich feature set, delivering on no/ low-code web-based intelligence!

Watch the on-demand webinar here, to find out more!

Proficy Operations Hub brings the latest web-based data presentation and delivery tools to  the Proficy suite. It’s the standard “container” for web-delivered content from other applications in the GE Digital family. Operations Hub provides a common place to combine standard views and reports from systems like Plant Applications, Batch and WebSpace, and the tools to build around them.

Proficy Operations Hub

A Single Pane of Glass

Whether it’s reviewing KPIs, tracking order progress, or troubleshooting a tricky asset or process, whatever you’re doing probably needs information from more than one source. Proficy Operations Hub makes it easy for you to bring data together into role- or task-specific views without requiring the skills of a web developer.

Operations Hub gives you easy-to-configure data connectors, a drag-and-drop page builder and a library of display templates (charts, maps, tables, etc) that you can bind to your underlying data. Any standard content from other Proficy packages can be placed alongside your bespoke material. And any URL-based content can be hosted as well. So you have all the flexibility you need to let the right information be served to the right users at the right time.

Using Operations Hub With Other Proficy Software

Core Functions

  • Drag-and-drop development environment
  • Connectivity to data sources via MSSQL query, MQTT, OPC-UA or REST query
  • Host custom content alongside standard views and pages included from other Proficy applications like Historian, Plant Applications or Batch Execution
  • Responsive layouts adapt to desktop, phone or tablet device form factors
  • Data Management: Modeling including Entities and Pivot Tables; Queries, events, and notifications
  • UAA-based security; Active Directory integration available
  • Role-based security at the page level
  • HTML5 and CSS3 for platform independence
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian
Use Proficy Operations Hub With

Deliver high performance HMIs using Operations Hub together with Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX or CIMPLICITY

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Proficy Historian

Go beyond trending with a variety of chart types and presentation options. Use asset models to make exploring Historian data easier for non-technical users

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Proficy Plant Applications

Combine Plant Applications’ rich dashboard content with supplementary data from SCADA, Historian and 3rd party applications

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