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Today’s iFIX has grown a lot from its roots as a pioneer in HMI/SCAA. The next generation of iFIX launching this autumn provides a fully modern, web-based solution for asset, process and plant level visualisation and control. Click here to read more!

Proficy HMI / SCADA iFIX is an industrial control system from GE Digital. It is used by all types of industries worldwide and has over 100,000 customers. The system is continuously developed and is the most modern HMI / SCADA solution on the market.

Proficy HMI / SCADA iFIX

Proficy iFIX collects industry data and delivers the information directly to operators, managers and others in the company who need data. The result is better control and monitoring. With this information, managers and staff can make the right decisions faster.

A powerful solution with many functions

Get data presented through a modern graphical user interface, with menus and colors taken from Windows 10. The solution is adapted to work with the latest in HMI / SCADA: High Performance HMI .  

The iFIX Workspace operator tool contains many components with different functions. Among other things, you can see trends with the trend component TrendView and map alarms in the alarm component AlarmAnalysis. It gives you an overview of the ability to zoom in and out, and makes it easier to understand and work with the information you see. This makes Proficy iFIX a very powerful troubleshooting tool.

Alarm handling

Proficy iFIX has what it takes to handle all alarms, even when a lot is happening at the same time. The filtering function makes it easy to get an overview, analyse and sort sections. If desired, it is also possible to integrate advanced functions such as analysis models and workflow.


The reporting engine from Microsoft makes the Proficy iFIX unbeatable in terms of flexibility and scalability. You can easily create and customise reports. With an underlying history database based on the unique technology behind GE Digital’s Proficy Historian , you get features and performance that are normally only seen in large process databases.

For reporting we recommend Dream Report for Proficy.

Alarm Handling / Reporting


  • Full overview of production in real time. Opportunity to exchange information with users throughout the company.
  • Advanced client / server architecture for flexible input and output.
  • Web-based application development. Avoid restarting and closing operations.
  • Possibility to connect the factory floor system to production systems (MES) and business systems (ERP).
  • Integrate with other Proficy products from GE Digital, IDUS maintenance systems or other.
  • Extensive reporting and alarm handling.
  • Access to historical data for analysis. Planning is based on events.
  • Graphical user interface with high-performance HMI.
  • Access from PC, mobile and tablet.
  • Built on existing hardware and software systems.

Technical information

The following programs and systems are supported:

  • GE Historian Essential database.
  • ActiveX and .net Control Support.
  • Secure Containment for ActiveX and .net Controls.
  • Embedded Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • iClientTS for Terminal Services, Webspace (HTML5) and thin client connections.
  • Advanced 21 CFR Part 11 for Medicines and Food.

Proficy iFIX 2023

Proficy iFIX 2023 came with new features that improve the system and increase operator productivity, reduce development and distribution time.

Fast application development, modern web-based database management, new High Performance HMI dynamos and performance and security improvements.

Proficy iFIX

A safe investment, designed for the future

Proficy iFIX is based on open industry standards from Microsoft such as .net, HTML5, Windows, SQL Server and OPC. With this solution, you get a secure solution that works both now, in the future and is a safe investment for your company.

Proficy iFIX is a solution from GE Digital, a world-leading player in systems adapted for industrial automation and digitisation. Read more about Proficy iFIX .

Novotek has been a supplier of HMI / SCADA solutions for more than 35 years. Our consultants will help you find the right way to implement Proficy iFIX in your company.

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